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Fishing is so much more than simply catching a fish, it teaches you perseverance in the toughest of conditions.

Saffiya Ahmod

I am Saffiya Ahmod, an avid female recreational angler. This journey began since I was a little girl with my dad and mentor instilled the skill in me. Fishing with him was not just time spent on our hobby but quality bonding time as well.

I first began fishing the rock and surf facet, these trips involved a ‘gundu’ trace, bread as bait, #1 hooks and often our target species were ‘snubs’ and ‘pamphlets’ and at that time I found this absolutely thrilling, as I developed my skills. Since then I have tried my hand at freshwater fishing, fly fishing, drone fishing and artificial fishing and my favourite facet remains rock and surf.

Why do I like rock and surf fishing?

Fishing is so much more than simply catching a fish, it teaches you perseverance in the toughest of conditions and challenges you when the fish aren’t on the bite. It also inspires innovation in your trace making and bait presentations.

Rock and surf is my favourite because of the array of species you can target and the variety of bait you can use depending on your target species. There are often multiple species caught in one session and this facet also gives you the opportunity to travel far and wide to experience what the different locations have to offer. Nothing beats the experience of a new location, so much mystery, so much to discover!

My best catches

My largest and most proud inedible catch was a 165kg Grey shark caught during the 2021 Sardine Run. It was a catch of many firsts for me, my first attempt at a drone bait, my first sardine run catch and my first 100kg bracket fish. It was a 1hr and 40mins to fight – what an absolute beauty! The tackle I used included the Daiwa Saltiga 20 000, Daiwa tournament Surf 15’HS with Daiwa J braid 65lb.

My personal best gamefish goes to my Garrick of 7.5kgs caught in Port St Johns, one of my favourite angling destinations. I produced this fish on a pearly white GT ice cream plug.

My personal best edible fish goes to my 5.2kg Natal Stumpnose caught in Durban’s Golden Mile whilst targeting blue rays on mackerel. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised with this catch, he stumped me when I saw he wasn’t a ray! My tackle included the Daiwa BG 5000 with 30 lb Daiwa J braid and the Daiwa Saltist 13.6 rod.

“My hero, my dad, Abubakar Ahmod. There is no fishing trip without him”

Saffiya Ahmod


I am currently an ambassador for Mr Mike Pereira, representing the Kingfisher and Daiwa brands. I proudly recommend their fishing attire for fishing in comfort while looking smart and their wide range of gear to meet all your fishing needs.

I have recently joined Reunion Angling Club, participating in the seasonal competitions added a new dimension to angling. It gives you added pressure which pushes you out of your comfort zone adding sentimental value to your catch.

I was recently selected to represent KZN in the 2022 Kwa ZuluNatal Coastal Angling Union female Nationals competition taking place in Zululand. I am ecstatic to have been blessed with this opportunity. It feels extremely fulfilling to be ticking off bucket list dreams – earnest preparation has begun!

My support system

My hero, my dad, Abubakar Ahmod, there is no fishing trip without him. I will forever be thankful for the values he has instilled in me, for these are present in all aspects of my life and not just angling.

My other half, fellow Daiwa ambassador and Reunion team member, my sister, Hajra Ahmod. She is an exceptional angler whom I have learned many lessons from, together we aim to inspire fellow female anglers to embrace the sport.

My partner, Aadil Osman, for accompanying me on my fishing escapades. My mentors: Raymond Thompson, Jace Govender, Benedict Pillay & friends and family who stand close by my side supporting and encouraging me to achieve my dreams, your support never goes unnoticed.


My family and I practice catch and release of our catches. We aspire to conserve marine life so we can continue to make the most of this sport and to keep the ocean thriving for many years to come. Do your part, save the ocean!



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