Who we are

Catch Cook promotes a seriously primitive lifestyle.

CatchCook.com promotes the primal predator (hunter-gatherer) lifestyle that forms part of our human history since our humble Neanderthal beginnings. Unbeknown to the urbanised ignorant, this is actually currently the norm throughout the majority of the world’s rural areas!

Although CatchCook.com promotes the Primal Provider, hunting, fishing, diving, spearfishing, gathering, foraging and eco-sustainable healthy farming lifestyle, we DO NOT promote trophy hunting, or any form of killing for pleasure, sport, or competition. We love to hunt and fish as our ancestors have done since the beginning of time, and we respect and appreciate our prey. We furthermore try to use and preserve as much of it as possible, and return what’s left to nature to continue life’s cycle.

Advertising, consumerism and urbanization has suppressed our primal lifestyle. Man needs sustenance, and our current choices are GMO food that is chemically enhanced, and designed to be inedible to some creatures, and edible to others, and to last long periods of time on a supermarket shelf! This is done at any cost (except financial) to the consumer.

In today’s profit driven world, your food is intensively farmed and mass produced in limited spaces, and the losses due to failure of one crop or heard due to disease, etc, could result into the closure of the corporate farm or business.
Farmers reputedly therefore use antibiotics and pesticides as a form of insurance. In 2011 in the USA alone, more than 13 000 tonnes of antibiotics were sold for meat production, compared to only approximately 3500 tonnes sold for human use.
We are unconsciously consuming such a large volume of antibiotics that our bodies are becoming immune to antibiotics and susceptible to superbugs. As this channel promotes the catching, processing, cooking, and or storing of freshly caught fish, CatchCook.com supports and also appreciates as much ‘catch and release’ practiced as possible. Please respect all laws, seasons, size, and quantity limits of your respective country laws.

Urbanised people, and especially children, are willingly ignorant to where meat or fish comes from, and the ultimate expense to their quality of life, should they be consuming from the supermarket! Most primal tribes throughout the world honour their prey, and thank it for the nourishment and continuation of the cycle of life.