Tempura fried oysters

If you love deep fried oysters, with a crispy mazina crust, then stick around for this one.

  • 12 fresh Knysna oysters
  • 100g flour to dust the fish in before frying
  • 100g flour for the batter
  • 100g Mazina for the batter
  • 250ml soda water or sparkling water
  • Pick salt and pepper to taste

CHEF'S TIP... Dust the oysters in flour before dipping them in the tempura batter this helps the batter stick to the oyster and make sure to use ice cold sparkling water as this reacts with the hot oil to give you a crispy light batter


  • To fry the oysters Mix the flour and Mazina (corn flour) together and then add the soda water and stir the batter until it forms a smooth consistency.
  • The batter should resemble a light pancake batter consistency
  • Dust them in flour before placing them in the tempura batter then into the hot oil
  • Use a heavy bottomed pan to fry your oysters in once the oysters are cooked through remove them from the pan and place them on paper towel to drain off excess oil
  • Serve with Kikkoman and plum sauce or a mixture of Wellingtons sweet chilli and freshly squeezed lime or lemon

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