Packed in a hard plastic storage black box this survival kit is packed full of versatile and handy tools to keep you safe in any environment and under any conditions.  Suitable for camping, adventure hiking or just to keep in your car.

A survival kit is a collection of basic items essential for survival in many emergency situations. Survival kits often contain a knife (or a multi-tool), matches, a flint, a compass, and food, water, and a space blanket. Even though most people have a kit of some sort in their car or at home, we believe that a consistent kit that covers all the basics for prepping should be easy to find. It should have everything you need in case of a storm, natural disaster, or an accident in the wild.

What’s in the Box:

1 x Black hard plastic storage box

1 x Waterproof Poncho

1 x Compass

1 x Emergency Blanket

1 x Pliers

1 x 5in1 Bracelet

1 x Tactical Pen

1 x Knife

1 x Torch

1 x Spoon & Fork Multitool

1 x Multi-Tool Card

1 x Fretsaw

1 x Bottle Buckle

1 x Flint

1 x Whistle

2 x Carabiners

1 x Multi-Tool Card

1 x Fishing Kit including wire, lures and hooks

1 x First Aid Kit including scissors, tweezers, 2 x tape, 2 x bandages, earbuds, Sling

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