A survival kit is a collection of basic items essential for survival in many emergency situations. Survival kits often contain a knife (or a multi-tool), matches, a flint, a compass, and food, water, and a space blanket. Even though most people have a kit of some sort in their car or at home, we believe that a consistent kit that covers all the basics for prepping should be easy to find. It should have everything you need in case of a storm, natural disaster, or an accident in the wild.

Why you should have this:

– Small size and easy to carry.
– First aid dedicated, fully equipped.
– A good choice for an emergency situation.
– Essential items for going out or at home.
– Multifunctional, practical, and convenient.
– With quality hardware zipper, easy to open and close.
– Made of high-quality material, waterproof, high wear resistance.
– Can be used for outdoor travel, home life, business travel, on-board.
1 x First Aid Kit Hard Case(Red Colour)
1 x Silver Emergency Blanket
1 x Elastic Bandage
4 x Cleansing Wipe Pads
10 x Povidone-lodine Prep Pads
1 x Stainless Steel Saber Card
2 x Sterile Gauze Pads
1 x Triangular Bandage
10 x Band-aids
1 x First Aid Guide
1 x Tourniquet
1 x Plastic Tweezers
1 x Aluminum Alloy Whistle
1 x First Aid Tape Roll
5 x Safety Pins
1 x Scissors

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