How to preserve organic cucumbers - LOCKDOWN DIARIES - Catch Cook

Ray has an excess of organically grown cucumbers in his vegetable garden, there’s only one thing to do – pickle them!

How to cure olives from your garden - LOCKDOWN DIARIES - Catch Cook

In the first of our series of Lockdown Diaries, where we explore tips from Primal Providers on cooking, maintenance and how to keep busy during lockdown, Thaya shows us how to cure olives from her own garden.

Stalking the "suburban black marlin" - LOCKDOWN DIARIES - Catch Cook

Kyle brightens up our day with this intense “Black Marlin” stalk and then shows us how to cook a delicious Kudu potjie. Keep an eye out for the secret ingredient!

Pickled fish, easy & delicious recipe - LOCKDOWN DIARIES - Catch Cook​

The serving of Cape Malay style pickled fish on Good Friday is a uniquely South African tradition. Ray shows an easy and delicious recipe with some Geelbek from his freezer. Stick around and you might even pick up some tips on where to catch the illusive Geelbek.

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Check out Bosman’s previous adventure to see how they caught these monster yellowfin –

Delicious tuna recipe - LOCKDOWN DIARIES - Catch Cook

Bosman demonstrates his delicious “tuna chippy” recipe.

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LOCKDOWN DIARIES – Lauren modifies a muffin recipe from one of her go to cook books to accommodate for a kitchen in LOCKDOWN and finicky kids, the result is an incredibly delicious and easy to bake savoury pot bread.

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Part 1 of 2: The first steps in making your own delicious and hearty chilli sauce…

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Dean Pretorius shows us an awesome new take on an old classic recipe.

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Anand demos the basics of making his reels spin smoothly even after years of hard fishing.

Insanely good fermented chilli sauce, part 2 of 2 LOCKDOWN DIARIES

Part 2 of 2: The final steps in making your own delicious and hearty chilli sauce…