Fishing Strand at Reefs

The best areas to target fish are Shark rock (Melkbaai), Poort reefs, Blakes reefs, Langrif, Oumans gat …. But there are plenty other areas that also produce fish at times.

Juandre Geldenhuys

The fishing experiences at the Strand reefs will vary from person to person. It depends on the different weather patterns with it working for some and not for others, as well as the differing techniques used by these people. My favourite technique in this area is catching fish on lures (I have also caught many fish on bait.)

The species you can target here include Silver Kob, Shad, Blacktail, White stumpnose, Garrick, Bellman and Galjoen being the edible species that are the most common in the Strand reefs. In-edible species include Smoothhounds, Raggies, Spotted Gulley sharks, Duckbill rays, Blue rays, Eagle rays and Black stingrays. The Species I target mostly are Kob, Shad, Garrick and Smoothounds.

Here is some detail into what tackle I use for the following:

Kob:  The bait used here can vary from chokka to sardine to pike to maasbankers or any other fresh baitfish and the trace used is a Paternoster fixed trace with a 3 way swivel connected to a 40cm hook line between 0.5mm and 0.7mm line and a 5/0 – 8/0 hook (circle or J), the sinker trace I make a little bit shorter at about 35cm and a thinner line 0.4mm – 0.5mm and with this I make a knot in it so that if the sinker gets stuck the fish can break it off and you could still land your fish.

Lure fishing for Kob I tend to use a paddletail the most of any colour and a 1oz to 2oz lead head, the lighter the jighead the less distance you get but also you don’t tend to get stuck as much. I have also caught Kob on toby spoons going for Shad but to lose them can become an expensive outing. The retrieve for Kob on paddle tail should be a constant slow retrieve so that you can come as close to the bottom without getting stuck.

Shad: The bait to use here is normally a bloody and smelly bait and any fleshy fish bait should do the job; Sardine and Pike works exceptionally well. The trace to use here could be the same as the Kob trace but a float and piece of piano wire /tooth proof nr 5 could be added to avoid bite offs, long shank hooks could also be used if there is no steel trace. Hook size could vary from 3/0 to 6/0 hooks.

Lure fishing for Shad can be very exciting sometimes when the school of Shadis around on the surface, the best lures to use includes a toby, or a S-bend type spinner, small poppers, plugs and rapalas , but you can always be surprised as these guys eat almost anything

Garrick: The Garrick we mostly target on lures such as Plugs, poppers, paddle tails, spinners/spoons but they will never leave a live bait alone, on the reefs fishing with live bait often leads to catching Smoothounds. The guys on the fly also catch good numbers of Garrick when they are around.

Smoothounds:  The smooth hound is a pretty easy fish to target , but landing it is another story , I often refer to them as the “poor man’s GT ” as they will give their everything to reef or snap you off and give an incredible fight.  The best bait for smooth hounds is fresh mullet/shad/streepie/maasbanker, Octopus and chokka/squid. The trace to use here is a 50cm hook snoot of 0.9mm 0r 1mm line on a strong 7/0 – 10/0 hook and a 40cm sinker trace of 0.5mm-0.7mm also with a knot in. 

The best weather for the Strand area in my opinion is a strong SE wind that turns into a light NW wind, but when there is good temperature and colour in the water the fish should be there no matter what wind blows. The best colour is a light brownish to green colour.

The best areas to target fish are Shark rock (Melkbaai), Poort reefs, Blakes reefs, Langrif, Oumans gat …. But there are plenty other areas that also produce fish at times.

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