Hi all and welcome to our second edition of the Catch Cook magazine.

Dean Dickinson – Catch Cook Editor

Welcome all to our holiday edition. For those travelling to the coast for a well-deserved break from the rat race and to relax in the outdoors, we hope we can entertain and educate you to be more successful in your chosen facet, as well as provide fresh ideas on how to prepare your bounty for family and friends.

It is no secret that most anglers love to provide some freshly caught fish to loved ones while on holiday. Providing freshly caught food for the family is primal in its origins but is also a healthy alternative to the deep fried, processed and unhealthy foods many consume while on holiday. Nothing compares to a well-prepared fresh fish and it tastes even better when caught yourself.

In saying all this, it is important that we adhere to catch and size limits if we wish to fish sustainably. With this in mind we have been trying to showcase alternatives to our fish that under pressure. Most of these fish are becoming harder and harder to catch, whereas there are a number of less popular species that are thriving and, in some cases, even becoming a pest as their numbers grow. These species are the ones we should be looking at eating, and releasing our breeding stock, slow growing endemic fish to breed and restock. Our resident chef Dean Dickinson explores the “lowly” fishtail catfish – this tasty fish is normally discarded with disgust but is in fact as tasty as any of our revered eating species. Its cousin the eel tail catfish is even more delicate and is family of the kingklip. This recipe is definitely worth a try for something different.

There is a lot of discussion around drones at the moment, varying opinions on the legality and impact they are having abounds. It seems that this facet is the new kid on the block and is growing exponentially. Our resident drone expert gives us some tips for responsible and ethical drone angling. Droning responsibly this season will go a long way silencing the many critics out there.

If you are travelling, please be safe. Always watch the sea, it can be unpredictable


Dean Dickinson

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