Hi all and welcome to our inaugural edition of the Catch Cook Magazine.

I feel it pertinent to clarify exactly what we are about and what we stand for. Born out of a desire to showcase a more healthy way of life, free of the contaminates, hormones, antibiotics, and preservatives, the channel evolved and has grown to encompass far more. We are striving to provide our viewers with entertaining and educational inserts on how to catch, forage, farm and hunt in the most productive, current and sustainable way possible with an emphasis on harvesting what you can eat fresh and sustaining the resource for future generations.

Our pro staff and contributors will then show the viewer how to cook their catch in fresh and exciting ways.


Dean Dickinson

The conservation angle is my driving motivation to be involved in Catch Cook. In my opinion, there is major potential to educate our viewers on size and bag limits as well as the need to release breeding stockfish and highlighting fish species whose stock status is under pressure and encouraging the release of these species and alternatives so these stocks can recover in future.

By putting in place rules on what we will air, i.e. slot sizes on various species and a complete ban on the cooking of certain others, we believe that we can strike a balance between catching, cooking, and conservation.

The publication will be another arrow in the Catch Cook quiver – a value add to our subscribers and sponsors. We will present the fish we catch, the destinations we catch them in, how it was done, our equipment, the latest tricks and tips and then provide in-depth recipes on how they were cooked.

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