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Mazeppa Bay’s dusky Grey shark – the Owen Richter story

Where do we start , being a Registered Tour Guide Operator, I started a company called Wild Coast Angling Tours and Adventures in 1999 which specializes in fishing and hunting. The majority of my clients are far more interested in catching and releasing monster sharks, which we catch off Mazeppa Bay.

As we talk shark in this article, we can go back in time and take a look at how the fishing industry has been revolutionized from the use of throw baits to slide baits and now drones to get your line further out into the blues. As time moved on we changed our rock and surf setups to non – return slides, now we were able to catch bigger species as we were able to get our baits out further, as hook-ups came faster the shark fishing facet went into a different direction. As the sharks that we were hooking were now all between the 150 – 220 kilo mark, we were given hidings as the gear and tackle was just not strong enough to handle the brute force of these oceanic beasts. But as they say a fisherman can make a plan.

To get our baits out even further, say another 350 yards+, we started using kites, with bigger and stronger tackle and we were able to land Grey sharks of over 200kg, however this could only be done if we had the correct sea winds, if you had the incorrect winds you would be in serious trouble and you would not be able to use the kiting facet of fishing. So, within this article we have chatted about 3 facets –  throw baiting , non re-turn slides and kite fishing, so let’s step this up a gear, what could take the fishing industry to a new level?

I received a call from a Big Fish Hunter, Craig Neil to inform me that he has made a drone and we need to test it, however on chatting to some of my colleagues we needed to know how, when and where to test this product. So on chatting with Craig, he decides to meet us at Mazeppa Bay. With Craig’s drone he was able to fly our baits out with ease to about the 500 metre mark with his Sharkan Fishing Drone. As we were able to use heavier tackle to drop our baits with the drones Craig was able to land those monster Grey sharks from the side, and so the facet of droning came into fruition.

Here is a tutorial on the Enigma Sharan Drone, which was made by fisherman for fishermen. Craig Neil has done an incredible job by designing a drone that can lift and drop a 3 kilogram bait up to 500 meters into the ocean – now known as the megaladon of the sky.

With regards to the tackle and gear that I use is as follows:

  • Sensation with their Okuma Makaira range of drone and surf rods paired with their Okuma XLT reels.
  • The reels are spooled with Winch Grinder Braid and all line is supplied by T -Line , from light tackle line for targeting edibles to drone leaders as well as windon leaders, and Trace Mate who supply all my shark traces.

Which ever sport you participate in, always remember, you will be rewarded for the effort that you have put in.

We at Wild Coast Angling Tours, strictly practice and advise in the tag and release of all shark caught.

Tight lines

Owen Richter

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