Tackle Test: Hearty Rise Rod

All in all this is definitely my best rod to catch edible fish with by far.

I recently had the privilege of joining the FISHMAN team to test out the new Hearty Rise Kyasuto 14.6’ 3-5oz rod and the new Trident Kobu circle hooks. What a great experience this was. We did a 3 day trip targeting Galjoen, Mussel Cracker and White Steenbras with 6 guys fishing and one filming. 

I was really impressed with the high quality rod bag that came with this rod and that comes standard with all Kyasuto models. The rod is a 3 piece and all pieces fit separately inside the bag in its own compartment. So they can’t get damaged during transportation or travel.

When I opened the bag and assembled the rod for the first time I just knew this rod was going to be the ultimate scratching rod for edibles. It was very light, thin and has a very appealing teal colour. The reel I used with this combination was a Penn Conflict 6000 with 40 pound JDB ultra tough braid. The rod and reel combination was perfectly balanced for targeting edibles. Now I couldn’t wait to put a bait in the water to see what this rod could do with casting and handling a fish.


I was fishing with 4oz and 5 oz sinkers and the new Trident Kobu 2/0, 3/0 and 4/0 circle hooks. When everything was rigged and ready to fish I couldn’t believe the action on this rod. On my first cast I didn’t want to cast too hard and see how far I could throw my bait, because I first wanted to feel the rod, but when I released the line to cast the sinker it just went and wouldn’t stop. I couldn’t believe the distance I got with so little effort with my first cast. On my second cast I put some effort into the cast, to see what it could do. On release it seemed like the sinker was standing still in the sky and didn’t want to go down. It just kept going, going and going. Definitely the best rod I have cast in my life to get distance with.

On the one day we were targeting White Steenbras and I walked past a very good sand bank, but I didn’t think that I would be able to reach the bank as it was so far out. Despite the distance I had to stop and make a cast or two towards this sand bank to see what was lurking there. I put a 5oz sand sinker on with a piece of bloodworm. I hooked the bait in the sinker clip to help get that further distance.  On my first cast to the sand bank I managed to cast onto the back bank, I couldn’t believe it as I didn’t think that I would get close to that sand bank. With the cast I had exposed braid on my reel that was seeing saltwater for the first time.

Casting with this rod for me was a pleasure. I could now reach those banks I normally couldn’t get to and with a lot of ease. With the 4oz sinker I could also still cast far and closer in, scratching between the bricks was easy due to the accuracy I was achieving on my casts.


My experience with this rod catching fish was also a pleasure. This rod is very sensitive and flexible with just the right amount of bend. With braid you need a rod that is more flexible for edibles. With my very first fish I caught on this rod I knew that this is going to be the best edible rod around South Africa. This rod is so sensitive when you get a bite, you can quickly feel when it is a blacktail or a galjoen. The galjoen basically catch themselves with the rod and what makes it even easier is the fact that I have a Trident Kobu circle hook on. If I feel a galjoen biting I just leave everything and the galjoen basically catches itself. All the galjoen we caught were perfectly hooked in the corner of the mouth and this made it easy to release them with no damage. I caught a 2kg galjoen and it gave me a proper fight on this rod during testing. Catching this fish was so much fun. It just pulled me flat and took some line trying to cut me off. But I managed to land him and put him back to fight for another day. The rod does all the work for you, if the fish wants to take line there is enough bend in the rod before it takes line. If you fish between heavy terrain, you can also stop the fish before it tries to run you into the bricks.  So you can put a lot of pressure on the fish as well.

All in all this is definitely my best rod to catch edible fish with by far. If you get to a fishing store and see a Hearty Rise rod, do yourself a favour. Assemble the rod and feel it. You will fall in love with this rod. I can’t wait to catch more fish with this rod and really enjoy using it. This rod makes fishing easier and more enjoyable for me and will definitely do the same for you also.   

Tackle used:

  • Hearty Rise Kyasuto 14.6’ 3-5oz
  • Penn conflict 6000
  • JDB ultra tough 40 pound
  • Trident KOBU circle hooks (2/0, 3/0, 4//0)

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