My first hunt

To be quite open and honest with the readers, as hunting is a family tradition I cannot wait for my next hunt.

With my dad Owen Richter, being a PH (professional hunter), the culture of hunting has always been in our family heritage. Preparing myself for my first hunt, I was taken to the shooting range, whereby I was taught to shoot with a 3006 calibre rifle. After some intensive shooting at targets at the range, I began to feel very comfortable with the 3006.

Finally the family was on our way to Cathcart to go on a weekend hunt. The Saturday morning we woke up to temperatures of below 5 degrees and with a hot cup of chocolate to warmup me up and I was ready to do a walk and stalk and go hunt my first buck. After walking in the Cathcart bush, we finally came across a herd of Blesbuck, after stalking the buck in the herd that I wanted, they somehow got spooked and disappeared. With frustration kicking in we carried on with our search, and finally after walking up a steep hill/embankment the herd reappeared, and the buck that I wanted was in front of us, well within my shooting distance capacity. Immediately, my dad setup the shooting sticks, I placed the 3006 in the centre of the sticks, the adrenaline rush was real, I took a deep breath, took aim and squeezed the trigger, the shot was spot on in the kill zone, the buck ran a few meters and then with a thud fell to the ground.

My dad stood alongside me, with a broad smile as he was there to help and assist me with my first kill. As this was my first kill the initiation process was about to take place, here my face was smeared with the blood of the Blesbuck and adding more to the initiation process, I had to take a bite of the bloodied liver, I must say it didn’t taste too bad, but I definitely will not eat that part of the buck again.

The following day I had the privilege of going out with my dad for a second hunt, and I was able to kill an Impala shooting downhill with a perfect shot through the shoulder. After harvesting these animals, the entire carcasses were used for making, dried sausage, biltong, mince and cuts of steaks.

To be quite open and honest with the readers, as hunting is a family tradition I cannot wait for my next hunt. Please remember to hunt sustainably.

Yours in first time hunting,

Tyra Richter.

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