Legend making a difference

Meet Jace, fisherman, ambassador, family man and humanitarian.

My name is Jayseelan Govender, known by my family and friends as Jace. Throughout my life I always aimed to achieve with purpose, passion and to the betterment of not only myself but my family, friends and community. I consider myself to be lucky in the sense that I realised my passion at a very young age and it has since become my career path as a beach manager for the Ethekwini municipality where I coordinate search and rescue for KZN, work alongside lifeguards, Law enforcement and sanitation teams and provide water safety reports and fishing reports for radio and television channels including Lotus FM. Amongst many other qualifications I have achieved, I am a qualified rescue medic, a category B-skipper and a qualified life saving examiner and instructor for IRB rescue vesstles and jet skiis. Throughout my career I have carried out many rescues, helping members of the public, boats and fisherman in distress.

My fishing career, which has been greatly supported and encouraged by my family, has also seen many great achievements some of which include attaining; 2 Protea caps for representing South Africa in the upcoming France 2021 and Tanizia 2022 competitions, the KZN provincial cap 7 times, the Mpumalanga provincial cap 5 times, 4 international Gus blazers, I have also captained the KZN development team to gold and I am the brand Ambassador for AFSN Media House, Diawa the kingfisher and Swellpro drones.

Community work holds a special place in my life, it’s become a second nature to me. There are many stories I could share including the food distribution done to the homeless during the COVID 19 lockdown level 5 in Isipingo Beach. However most notably I give back through my fishing in many ways one such example was distributing free sardine that my team and I net to all communities in need after the riots that occurred in KZN in July 2021. In 2019 after the devastating cyclone which hit Mozambique, I drove to Mozambique at a personal capacity alongside 2 fellow lifeguards to assist in search and rescue as well as food distribution for the community at large. Growing up without the privilege that I can now provide to my children, I find it important to teach my 2 children the need for giving back and taking caring of those around them through uplifting the community in anyway possible. I believe in people and if given a chance they will aim to be the best version of themselves which is why I dedicated time to teaching disadvantaged young kids the skill of swimming, training and sponsoring them to do the midmar mile.

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