Art by Paul Kyriakides

A word of caution here, you cannot go fishing every day!

I have always dabbled in art but my first passion is fishing. In my 40’s I worked in sales and marketing and was required to do a lot of both local and international travel. I always made a point of adding an extra day or two to my travel itinerary so that I could indulge in my favourite hobby, fishing. Don’t tell my ex-boss! After a while the travelling got to me, trust me being a “jetsetter” is overrated especially when you are married with children. After a calculated decision I decided to call it a day and spend time with my family and do what I enjoy most. A word of caution here, you cannot go fishing every day!

I needed to find something else to keep me busy on cold windy days when fishing was out of the question so I started doing fish art. I posted my first fish artwork of a Yellowbelly rockcod on Facebook and it was purchased within minutes by a lovely lady from Jeffreys Bay as a gift for her husband. 

There was also a great response from the international angling community to my art and the highlight for me was when a customer from Paris, France ordered more than thirty artworks from me. This all happened during lockdown when angling was banned, perfect timing! Since then I have sent numerous salt and fresh water fish artworks all over the world and my customers include private people that are passionate about angling as well as tackle shops and international tackle traders. The majority of commissions requests come from the U.A.E., Australia, America and Japan with my strangest request was to design a fish paste label for an overseas company.

The process of doing a fish artwork is rather involved, which starts by doing research on the target species which normally takes a day or two. The next step is to do the concept art, I like to draw my fish turning on a lure and once this is done I start with colour. Sometimes I will do several layers of colour depending on the species and will also use a lot of metallic colours that play on the light and give my fish that “fresh out of the water look.” The average artwork piece takes me about a week to do, some of my favourite fish to do are Dorado, Tuna, Snappers and Giant Trevally. If I had to choose one artwork that is my all-time favourite it would be the G.T. and Sox popper I did for a customer in Dubai.

For shirts, prints and merchandise featuring my fish art visit:

I leave you with my favourite art quote: “A photo is looked at and an artwork is looked into.”

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