Winch Braid Test

Welcome to my no holds barred honest, unbiased braid test.

Dean Dickinson – Catch Cook Editor

Packaging 2/5 Being handed a package of Braid with a name like Winch Braid and a Logo which looks ‘old school’ and out of place on a product like Braid I was fairly apprehensive and almost reluctant to spool my reel with it. I soon discovered that it’s B not always in the looks as they say in the classics. This braid is comparable to any of the international brands at a very decent price.

Color 3/5 The Braid is available in a few colors, I believe, grey, light grey and a yellow. I am of the opinion that dark coloured braids should be reserved nearly exclusively as backing braids, but the yellow is nice and bright and easy to see. The spool of 20lbs I was asked to test, was yellow, 8 strand braid, a little thicker compared to some braids, but hell, it is super strong, cast well and so far has not begun to fluff up like some of the lesser known braid do.

Strength and durability 4/5 The first real test opportunity came when I hit Jozini Dam to target some Tiger Fish. I used the braid on my spinning outfit and thought what better way to test durability and strength other than spending hours upon hours casting various weighted lures with the hope of luring a Tiger to pounce.

The braid performed well, better than I expected, not one wind knot, despite the varying weights of the lures, on the odd occasion of getting jammed up in the weeds, I ended up pulling blankets of it off the muddy bottom without losing a lure. I even hooked up in a submerged tree and managed to break a rather thick branch off putting some huge pressure on the braid in order to break off. After 4 days of flinging lures around, I did notice slight fluffing from 10 or so meters, which would have been from the continual in and out through the guides, as well as the few times I dragged it over branches or rocks.


I’d like to see this braid in a few more colors, but as for its durability and strength I rate it very high. Unfortunately, it is a little thicker than some braids, but this does give it the advantage of being more robust – just expect a few less meters on a cast. In its price bracket i’d say, it’s definitely a go to braid, especially if you’re going to be using it between the bricks and other structure. It most definitely has decent abrasion qualities plus you’ll be able to afford replacing it more often, Win Win in my books.

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