Lucy, Lucy where is our Miss Lucy?

Lucy, Lucy where is our Miss Lucy?

In our clean blue water off Mossel Bay, these amazing fish which live on rocky banks in depths between the 10-40 meter mark, feed mostly on the top of a reef structure and prefer water temperatures of above 18 degrees. This species is probably one of the best eating fish and their taste resembles that of a crayfish.

The Miss Lucy is also known as the Red Stumpnose in the Western Cape, the sexes can easily be identified as the male has a massive bulge on its forehead while the female has a far flatter forehead.

Pound for pound the Red Stumpnose are amazing fish to target on light tackle and you will be able to identify the bite and fight due to its extravagant head shakes and bumps.

Here in Mosselbay they absolutely love big white baits, such as fresh squid and octopus leg, however they won’t swim past a freshly cut sardine bait, in False Bay in the Western Cape, between Macassar and the tidal pool at Swartklip, these fish can be caught off depths of 3-6 fathoms, using fresh prawn, white mussel , fresh squid and red bait, however due to over fishing in the False Bay area these fish numbers have dwindled dramatically and are as scarce as hens teeth.

When targeting these species on our charters, we use a 7/0 hook, with .80mm trace attached to a 3 way swivel.

Red stumpnose are currently listed as a Red species on SASSI’s Customer Seafood List, which means you should not buy or sell these fish as seafood and only keep one per person per day with a size limit of 30 cm.

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