The Trace Guy

My main goal was to assist the entire spectrum of anglers in landing their species safely and most efficiently.

We started off purely as a hobby project just making traces and experimenting with different species, both inedible and edibles, both casting and droning (inedible only). My main goal was to assist the entire spectrum of anglers in landing their species safely and most efficiently. I would personally go out and test each trace on each species and create my own marketing and hype. This took many hours of continuous hard work on the beach.

From a conservation point of view there were many anglers targeting species incorrectly which could be dangerous for the Angler as well as these majestic creatures we target. It is our responsibility to return each animal safely to the ocean and we can only achieve this by using the correct gear, which includes traces.

Over the years the facets of fishing have changed from just casting. Anglers have turned to sliding, using kayaks, aqua cats and now drones to drop baits. Rods have changed, braid has taken preference to mono, multipliers changed to grinders. The industry has changed and grown over the years and has become what we know it as today. With all these changes, we have had to change the traces accordingly.

We initially started with full metal jacket traces, mono traces, slide traces for both edibles and inedible. As the industry changed, we grew with it and in 2019 we introduced drone traces for both inedible heavy fishing and the universal all year inedible fishing. It immediately took off and our first batch of five traces turned into a hundred traces over night and thousands from there.

With this exposure locally we caught the attention of the international market and have been exposed to and introduced into many different countries and states. Our proudly South African products has become a great success.

TheTraceGuy brand was approaching the annual sardine run 2021 where we released the news that we now have ambassadors. The team consisted of Roarke “The Sheriff” Hamilton, Louis Harmse, Niven Naicker, Jacques Pierre Truter, Mark Ninow,Ranvir Singh and Shivash Hansraj. All great anglers in their own regard.

This team absolutely dominated the sardine run. We all landed over 25 sharks varying from 90kg to over 300kg and took the brand to the next level, solidifying what the community already knew, TheTraceGuy brand produces only the best and most reliable traces.

With the ambassadors came our supporting partners Cuta Copter and Winch Braid, which I personally felt is the two best products to compliment TheTraceGuy brand which led to our famous winning formula that many people adopted to date.

We look forward to growing even larger and setting the industry norm in traces.

 TheTraceGuy brand supports showing respect to all fellow anglers regardless of what facet you may be involved in. Our passion for fishing runs in all our veins, it’s a beautiful sport that should bring people together not drive each other apart.

Tight lines.


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