The Sherrif

Lets meet The Sherrif

Origin: I learned to fish for Shad with my dad in the early days on Nyoni Rocks and the Army Base beaches using a KP reel only.

Age 11 to 17: Grew up fishing with my uncle on South Pier learning to target certain fish like Brusher at certain times of the year, again using only a KP reel. Only now I can throw it in 3 styles and eventually moved onto a reverseable casting “KP type” reel.

I didn’t fish for 10 years: After the age of 17 as I was busy running a mock in the nightclub scene. During this time I took to martial arts and competed in many sanctioned and unsanctioned fights, as well as 3 pro cage fights. After my last fight I needed to get some normality back and continued to train martial arts at a strong level but walked away from competition. Being able to take time off I said yes to a Transkie trip (my 1st time ever) to Mpande (Brazen Head/Mthonga), in which we fished for sharks with my NEW REEL TYPE The Muiltiplier Penn 500AL using the SLIDE TECHNIQUE.  Although we didn’t catch any big sharks, I did manage a couple small hammers and felt that feeling of power on the end of the line for the 1st time – and I was hooked.

After the trip, I went back home and forgot about fishing for a while and carried on with the party scene. After a couple years went by and I came across and old book of mine which always gave me inspiration and made me want to catch big fish. This book is called – A fisherman’s Tale by Joe Mara. This book literally means the world to me and was a huge part of the origin of my shark fishing career.

The next day I walked into the Kingfisher not knowing anything or anyone all I knew is that I wanted to catch big sharks like the olden days and legends of South Pier Like Cecil Jacobs. The first guy to help me in the Shop was a well-known Durban angler and one of my mentors Ray Thompson who quickly helped me pick the right tackle to begin my journey and become one of the best Shark Angler’s in the country. Ray helped me a lot and showed me a lot and I want that to be noted.

As time went on  I started fishing a lot more with a friend of mine Cuan Courtman who is my Biggest Mentor. And has become my rock solid fishing partner and has been there for all my big sharks and has helped me more than I can even explain. Cuan helped me become the Shark Angler I am today. Always supporting me and pushing me to hunt bigger and find bigger fish. Together we have become an unstoppable force in the Shark Fishing world. Cuan has been there for all 3 of my all tackle records (Unofficial):

  • Dusky 416kgs
  • Zambezi Male 316kgs
  • Zambezi Female 300.9kgs

I currently fish for 2x brands and that’s Winch Braid and The Trace Guy. I fish for the biggest sharks in the ocean and only the strongest tackle will do and that’s why I use these two brands, they are always providing me with record fish due to the strength of their products. My rod is the same rod I’ve had since I first took my shark fishing seriously and has been used for literally every shark I have caught. It’s a custom from Tackle Center made by Kevin.

Politics: SO…. unfortunately when u catch big fish you get a lot of haters, critics, comments and keyboard warriors saying all sorts of things online. You see the old generation of anglers and classic casters have been left behind only to look and admire my giant shark catches. A lot of them think they have the knowledge and that’s why they speak out but in real life they haven’t caught sharks this size so shouldn’t really be speaking with such strong opinions because the experience is just not there. Infact I would even be happy to help them using the knowledge I have gained over time. Me having a long career in martial arts and fighting didn’t take this well and I often speak out using the platform I have created for myself. In the past few years I’ve stood up to countless online bullies and sour grape forgotten anglers and was given the nickname – The Sherrif, by the SA fishing community as I would back soft spoken anglers up against these online creeps. I will not stand for any sort of bullying and always offer my help when needed. Due to the online buzz both good and bad press it’s made me popular in the fishing world and has gotten me lots of sponsors over the years. My current sponsors Winch Braid and The Trace Guy know what I’m about, they know what I stand for and they know how I deal with online drama. And yet they still stand by me through it all and that’s why I’m loyal to them and continue our unbreakable “literally” relationship.

Drones: I originally started with black bags floating out in offshore winds, then I moved to a kite and then a bait boat. I used the bait boat for years before moving onto a drone. In all my years of shark angling I have learned one important thing that shines above all. And that is – big bait in deep water equals big shark. With casting alone you just cannot get that big bait out further enough and that’s why I use a drone. Another key factor is using the right tackle for giant sharks, you wouldn’t be able to cast if you were using the “RIGHT” tackle as the line is too thick and the knots are too big. The reason why I say my way is the right way is because I have the pics to prove it, and it’s that simple. I currently use a Cuta Copta Trident as it’s the best on the market hands down.

I would like it to be noted that I choose to fish with a drone and heavy tackle because the experience I have gained over time has shown me this is the best and correct way to fish for Giant Sharks. I am not interested in catching 100kg fish as I’ve moved on from this and that’s why I don’t cast when targeting these giants. I can cast a multiplier, KP and grinder any day of the week, as I grew up doing so.

Inspired by Cecil Jacobs.

Special thanks to: Mike P, Mike Garry and Ray (The Kingfisher), Andre (Winch Braid), Junaid (The Trace Guy), Kevin, Calvin and Clinton (Tackle Centre), Dean Pretorius, Dean Reddy, Aanand Naicker, Tyler looms, Jace Govender, Veer from Okuma and Shaun Jacobs.

My real name is Roarke Hamilton, Father of Mikey Hamilton, Husband, Aka The Shark Hunter, Aka The Sherrif. 

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