Targeting bottom fish off Durban Harbor on the Rapid Cat 760

The Rapidcat can be kitted out to take you on any adventure such as commercial fishing, surf launching as well as long range offshore activities.

After all the political turmoil that took place in our beloved Kwazulu Natal, it was a blessing in disguise to launch our new Rapid Cat at Durban Harbor.

After notifying Ski boat control and receiving permission to leave the harbor we headed north in flat and pristine seas towards Umhlanga to the 40 meter mark. With the SIMRAD sonar showing loads of activity the fish seemed to have lock-jaw, however every time we dropped our lines to the bottom we were virtually on, but the Sand Soldiers were not the targeted species we were looking for, but a fresh Soldier makes great bait.

As the sea conditions were too flat, we needed a slight chop on the ocean which would help with the oxygenation aspect as chumming the water (using mackerel, sardine as well as old red-eye sards) would bring the fish on the bite.

Making a call I decided to head further North into deeper water, the Rapid Cat powered by twin Mercury 115 4-stroke CT outboards and using SIMRAD sonar, the engines purred as we cut through the water, like a warm knife through butter, this Cape built cat is a vessel to be admired, especially with her design and onboard space and the manner too which she glides through the water.

Eventually finding the perfect under-water structure it was time to bait-up and drop the lines to the bottom of the ocean.

It didn’t take long before the bites came through thick and fast, first to go “on” was Ash, bringing to the surface a rather large Rock-Cod, followed by Reeza with an amazing specimen of a Protea Bream. In all my years of angling I was yet to encounter one of these species. However after sending r a few pictures to Knowledgeable angler Deon Boucher, via WhatsApp, this fish was confirmed to be the correct species and was confirmed legal to keep.

As I was the only angler onboard yet to break the fisherman’s duck, or commonly known as “mombak”, I baited up, using my new grinder, with fresh sardine as bait, pulled back the bail of the grinder and let the bait sink to the bottom of the abyss.

As the bait hit the ground, it was immediately picked up by a descent size fish, I set the hook and the fight was on, with loads of head-shakes I managed to turn the fish around towards the boat, as I battled the fish she started to obey and slowly started to surface, eventually we sore color, the silvery shaped body popped up from the deep and on the surface was a beautiful Salmon, known as Geelbek from the Western Cape to PE.

Being a strictly catch and release angler, I was unable to release this beauty, (which in hindsight was my personal best), due to barotrauma, HOWEVER the entire carcass of the fish was used and nothing went to waste – please limit your catch and fish sustainably.

RapidCat specs:

  • Designed to handle harsh conditions
  • Built for comfort and safety
  • Ideal for hardcore fisherman

Your Rapidcat can be kitted out to take you on any adventure such as commercial fishing, surf launching as well as long range offshore activities.

For further information with regards to this Cape built vessel, contact Silan on 0824416443

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