Magical Marlin on Slow Pitch Jig

120kg Marlin caught on PE2 Jigstar Slow Pitch Jigging equipment? Who would have thought it possible? Here are the videos showing it happen……

At Jigstar Africa, this is – to the best of our knowledge – the Biggest Marlin to date, caught using ultra-light Slow Pitch Jigging equipment anywhere in the world! The combination of premium equipment matched with EXCEPTIONAL angling skills shows that what initially appears Impossible, is achievable. That, together with Lady Luck, and the fishing gods smiling down, enabled this Magic to happen.

In July 2021, Inx Jordaan was Slow Jigging in 30m water off the Primeiras Archipelego in Mozambique, using his Jigstar PE2 Slow Pitch Jigging outfit, and all of a sudden…..BOOM, his line went tight on the hook-set, and his reel began to sing. Keeping his rod tip down, the JM Monster Game PE2 reel (ultra-smooth 40lb max. drag) fed out line, and Inx thought it felt like a Tuna on the sharp end so settled in for the fight. When the fish Jumped for the 1st time – MARLIN, he said his heart dropped and he thought it was game over. He steadfastly resigned himself to what he thought was an unwinnable fight. Fast-forward 90 minutes of a finessed but hard fight, until he boated and released this beautiful fish. A Massive Achievement!!!

The equipment performed flawlessly, way above its design and manufacturing specs, and in his words is “World Class, possibly World-Leading in every possible way”! The Catch of a Lifetime! Well done Inx!

Equipment used for this fight:

  • Rod: Jigstar Slow Jerk 603/2 #3
  • Reel: Jigging Master Monster Game PE2
  • Braid: Jigstar Katana Jigging PE2 (39.6lbTest)
  • Jig: Jigging Master Diamond Eye 100g

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