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The best part of the job is packing the gear and bait for the next day because we are going FISHING!!!

The first fish I can remember catching was when I was about 3 years old, I was with my dad, and I caught a Strepie (Karanteen) with his rod – I will never forget this day ever!

I’ve been guiding now for 4 years mainly in False Bay and the West Coast along the Melkbosstrand area, and also do Still Bay tours with a group of up to 7 fishermen.
I do 5-hour sessions, I will provide all the bait, tackle and rods and all you just have to bring along is your own snacks and drinks. I cater for individuals, kids, group outings as well as corporate outings. I’ve been fishing most of my life and when I took the package after almost working 19 years for Telkom as an asset accountant, I decided to take up guiding. This is my passion, and I knew I could make this work as I had all the support from my wife Melissa who regularly reminded me of who I am and that is what I should do. I’m so happy to just follow my passion and do what I love…guiding and helping other people to catch their dream fish or just to teach them to catch their own fish at the end of the day.

The species you can expect to catch when I’m guiding are big sharks and rays like bronzies, raggies, smoothhounds, spotties, eagle ray, diamond ray, black stingray, duckbill and various smaller species. Edible species like big kob, shad, steenbras, white mussel cracker, galjoen, black tail, zebra, bellman, john brown, bronze bream, white stumpnose, red roman, yellow belly and various smaller species.

I wrote a Galjoen book - Galjoen, Legend of the Ocean that took me almost 3 years to finish. It’s The most comprehensive guide ever written on how to target our national fish, Galjoen. This book will cover subjects ranging for the best conditions for Galjoen to a multitude of bait presentations and everything in between. It's an absolute must for those that want to learn more about reef fishing. It is available in most tackle shops and if by any means you can't find it, please get in contact with me and I will gladly make a plan to get it to you.

Wikus van der Merwe

My bucket list fish is a Garrick! I want to catch a big Garrick and when I’m done, I want to see it swim off strongly! If I could fish anywhere in the world, it would definitely be Angola! I want to experience that coastline catching huge Garrick and big shad!

Let me tell you about the one that got away, I lost a huge Galjoen of over 60cm right at my feet…. hectic! We lost a big shark also minutes before landing it, a bronze whaler shark of almost 200kg. What about the ones that did not get away? Well, there’s so many, we caught huge sharks and also big edibles it’s just too much to mention. Everything is in the evidence that we call photos!

Wikus’ would say that the key to being a great guide is in one’s ability to work with people, you must have people skills to be a great guide. You can have all the fishing skills in the world, but if you don’t know how to work with people you will fail at being an awesome guide! The rest will just fall in place!

The best part of the job is packing the gear and bait for the next day because we are going FISHING!!! The worst part is getting home after a guided trip, work is not done after everything is cleaned properly!

There’s no weak spot, you either win or learn! If I don’t know something, then make a plan to gain the knowledge to learn the skill. For sure, When he’s not fishing I am spending time with my family and friends as much as possible!

My contact details are as follow: cell-nr: 0837915339 or email: vdmerws8@gmail.com
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I recently started to create fishing videos so if you’re interested be sure to go check them out on my Youtube Channel👇

MMM Cape Town Fishing Adventures

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