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Meet Shawn “Ninja” Mey

Hey, Catch Cook readers, my name is Shawn Mey, aka Ninja and I have been doing guided tours for 14 years. This all began at an early age, it all started at school where people started asking me to take them out fishing, and from there on everything just grew bigger and bigger and there was no turning back.

Currently, we are offering fishing tours which we break down into the various facets of fishing which also enables the clients to choose their preferred facets. The facets that clients can choose from are as follows: rock and surf, deep sea/offshore in Mossel Bay and Cape Town, then we cater for tours for the avid anglers to countries such as South and North Angola, as well as North and South Mozambique and finally to Mauritius and Malaysia where we will be starting our new business adventure, once we get the green light to travel abroad due to Covid-19.

This is an easy question to answer, the bucket list fish that I would like to target and catch one day is the elusive Grander Marlin (1000 pounds and more) and it keeps hiding away from me. The country where I would love to fish would be Guinea-Bissau, a country in Western Africa which is situated on the Atlantic Coast as they have all the weirdest and biggest species that the sea has to offer.

Currently, our operation is in Cape Town however we are based in the scenic town of Gordon’s Bay where we are catching world-class yellowfin and longfin tuna with the odd dorado, mahi-mahi being caught between the marauding shoals of tuna. The perfect time to come and hone your fishing skills against these monsters of the deep would be from the start of March and April.

With regards to all our tour packages both locally and abroad, we supply all the bait and tackle as well as all accommodation currently in Gordon’s Bay there are three restaurants inside Harbour Island where we are residing, Ocean Basket, Berties Mooring and Antonios Pizza which have views to die for.


Now let me tell you about the fish that got away, this is a hilarious story as my client hooked up onto an absolute monster tuna on a popper as the fish ate the popper and swam straight towards the boat. I somehow got the idea to gaff a very green 100kg tuna, 5 seconds after it smashed the popper. Well let me tell you this, this was probably one of my biggest mistakes that I have ever made in my fishing career. Knowing well that the fish was going to be extremely strong and being well prepared to pull the gaff into the fish by myself, I somehow knew that I was way out of my league to gaff this monster by myself. As soon as the gaff hit that fish as I blinked and opened my eyes only to find myself stuck between the engines with the fish and gaff gone. The moral of the story, don’t take a beast on that punches above your fighting weight.

The key to being a great fishing guide is fundamental as you definitely need to give your 100% on every single tour you do and also to make sure you learn something new on every trip, and being a guide there is always more that can be learnt that can make you so much more knowledgeable within this tough industry. The best part for me is to see satisfied clients smiling behind the camera after being in a battle royal to land and catch their dream catch.

I think that the worst part in this industry is suffering from sleep deprivation as you get up to 14 hours of sleep within a five-day period that can break you if you are not mentally fit and strong enough to cope with what this industry has to throw at you. On the lines of my weak spot, if I had a chink in my armour, it would be, not having the patience, endurance and perseverance for slow fishing as this drives me nuts…

We try and fish every day that we can weather permitting however on the days that we can’t fish or that we are not guiding or chartering, I am back at my office, where I have to sort out the 2 tackle shops that I own.

To book a fishing experience of a lifetime either locally or abroad feel free to contact us at the following numbers:

Yours in guiding,

Shawn “ Ninja “ Mey

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