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My goal in fishing is catch as many species as I possibly can, whether it is saltwater or freshwater. Personally, to say that you have caught a whole lot of different fish is better than just catching one big fish.

Since I was a kid, I always liked the idea of fishing. Nobody in my family was into fishing so it was not easy to get down to the water. When going to the beach with family and friends, I always went to go the rocks and ty to catch something instead of swimming, so I had to convince my dad to get hooks, sinkers, and a roll of line to mess around between the rocks to catch some klipvissies. For my 10th birthday my Dad asked what I wanted for my birthday and I told him that I wanted a fishing rod, and we went to cash converters, and this is where I got my first little setup.

For the next 8 years, fishing was not on my to do list and that rod ended up in yard somewhere. It was soccer, cricket and breakdancing that had my attention. I think it wasn’t until I got my first car that I really got into fishing. I was able to take myself down to the beach and give fishing a good go. The first fish I caught was a small hottie at a spot near the old quarry past Sunny Cove. I always had the idea that to catch a big fish, you need to fish from deep rocky areas or from a jetty, any place where one could put a bait into deep water, is where you would catch that big fish. It was not until I got introduced to surf fishing that my whole perspective of fishing changed. I couldn’t understand how fish could be caught from the very beaches we used to swim at.

After 2 years of fishing, the success rate slowly started getting higher. Hours spent on the coast became more pleasant with regular catches of cob above 10kgs. I slowly started to give shark fishing a go and the success followed in this facet too. I think this is when I started getting questions like “when are you going to put me on a big cob?” or “when are you going to put me on a lekker bronzie?”, that I had the idea of taking people out fishing. I had chats with a few other guys, and we thought this would be a great idea to get paid for something you love doing but that was as far as those conversations went and we just carried on with fishing as normal.

I started getting frustrated at my old job and this is when the idea popped up again and I decided I was going to leave and start this business.

I started doing guided trips along False Bay in September 2019 and my business is growing rapidly with more than 90% of my clients having successful trips with some memorable fish being caught.  Running this business is not easy especially with me being the only person doing it. All the preparation before the trip, doing the trip, the cleaning afterwards and then still the need to sort out content and put out videos showing everyone what an awesome time we have on trips is a ton of work, but seeing my clients having huge smiles on their faces makes it all worth it in the end. One of the best parts of my job is taking clients out from all over the world to catch fish that they never dreamed of catching, giving them an experience that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

We have a good variety of edible and non-edible species:

  • Edibles – Cob, Steenbras, Galjoen, Shad, Stumpnose, Blacktail, Belmon, Hottentot, Red Roman, Yellowtail and Garrick
  • Non-Edibles – Bronze Whaler sharks, Ragged-tooth sharks, Hammerhead sharks, Smooth hound sharks, Spotted gulley sharks, Sand sharks, 7 gill/ Cow sharks, Stripe & Leopard pajama sharks and Soup fin sharks. Rare catches of Thresher sharks and also the great white sharks which we are not allowed to land.
  • Rays and Skates – Eagle rays, Duckbill rays, Blue rays, Diamond rays, Spear nose rays, Black rays, and small electric rays.

Best times of the year for sharks and cob are from September to March. From April to August, we target more steenbras and galjoen. The most productive fishing times are sunset and sunrise. If you are not able to get out at those times, then you can fish three hours before the high tide and 3 hours after. There are some spots where you can also fish low tide. Its best to know the areas you are wanting to fish which will help you choose the correct tide to fish.  

All rods, reels, bait, and tackle are included in all trips. I always advise clients to bring a meal and refreshments along on the local trips. Foreign clients usually book their on accommodation before coming to Cape Town.

What’s the key to being a great fishing guide? For me, putting the client’s needs first is the most important objective. Each of my trips are set up to meet my clients needs and wants. The bottom line is ensuring that the client gets value for their money, even if they are not successful in landing a fish.

The best part of my job is that I get to spend my working days at the beach fishing, it is something all fishermen dream of doing. The worst part of the job is when you arrive at home and need to clean up and prep for the next trip, especially after running up and down the beach chasing rods.

I think my weakest skill set is casting with 14ft grinder rods. During my time fishing I have mainly fished with multiplier setups and only started using 12ft grinder rods when I started fishing RASSPL. Lately I have been giving the 14ft grinder rods a go and I am slowly starting to get used to it.

Clayton says it is difficult for me to choose just one place to fish, when asked if you could fish anywhere in the world. My goal in fishing is catch as many species as I possibly can, whether it is saltwater or freshwater. Personally, to say that you have caught a whole lot of different fish is better than just catching one big fish. For my bucket list fish – I would really love to catch a GT from the side.

Here’s the one that got away, I fished the King of Arniston competition in 2017 and lost a big Mussel Cracker. This would have been my first Cracker and up until now I am yet to land a good size. And for the one that didn’t, two years later I fished the King of Arniston competition and this time I won it by landing a 45kg Cob. This is my greatest achievement and will need special catch to top this.

When Clayton is not catching fish, the best thing for me is just relaxing at home, there is nothing better than relaxing to get yourself ready for the next big mission.

Contact Clayton Toll / Reel Angling

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  • Website: https://reelanglingadventures.co.za/ 
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I recently started to create fishing videos so if you’re interested be sure to go check them out on my Youtube Channel👇

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