The Black Hole with Jigstar Africa

Almost all rods on the market for fishing for non-eds are too long and too heavy for me, but that all changed when I got my hands on the Black Hole.

The Black Hole Cape Cod Surf II Heavy 13 ft has been a part of my fishing arsenal for just over two years now and has come to be my go-to rod when targeting non-edibles, big or small. I am yet to find or fish with a rod as versatile as this. 

The biggest problem I face as a female angler is that, in general, almost all rods on the market for fishing for non-eds are too long and too heavy for me. I just cannot load these rods with a decent size bait as I don’t have the upper body strength like the guys do. But that all changed when I got my hands on the Black Hole. With the blank itself weighing a skinny 365grams* but with a 3 to 10 oz cast rating, casting this rod is now an effortless task.

*Total weight will depend on what components are used to build the rod. My rod was built by Donovan Ellis at Tuckers Tackle Cape Town, using Fuji Alconite Low Rider guides, a Fuji reel seat and EVA foregrip and butt. Completely built it weighs 620 grams.

The moderate fast action of the blank means the entire blank works and loads under cast load. The composition of and high-quality materials used to construct this blank allows it to load under low weight and achieve the same distance you would under heavyweight. Not many rods can achieve such a large cast weight variation. Fast tip recovery also allows for less friction as the line exits on casts.

Fishing this rod is enjoyable and well-matched to whatever you want to target. Put a Shimano Twinpower 10000 with 40lb braid on it and fish for hound sharks and hammerheads off the bricks, or put a Stella 20000 with 80lb braid on and pull anything from big duckbill rays, bronzies and black rays. It does it all.

It’s the most dynamic rod I’ve ever fished. It doesn’t feel even the slightest bit overpowered for smaller fish, the fight is enjoyable and the rod is responsive to every head nod and move the fish makes. As if that’s what you should be targeting with it.

But the true power of the rod comes to the fore when you get stuck into a solid flatfish or shark. It’s almost like you’ve hit the “on” switch and released the beast! An unbelievable backbone yet forgiving enough that it doesn’t hurt you during a long fight. The entire blank works under load and the energy transferred throughout.  The moderate fast action means it bends under load from 3/4 of the way down from the tip, giving it great bottom end strength.

The blank is finished off with an X-weave carbon wrap from the base right through to the tip, adding to the strength and integrity of the entire rod, as well as to its physical appearance.

I now use this rod exclusively for targeting non-eds of all shapes and sizes on a grinder, whether casting or droning for a bite.

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