Our on-line magazine which is geared towards the outdoorsman, that being the avid angler, hunter and forager

Welcome back to another feisty edition of CatchCook.com, in this month’s May edition we have a host of entertaining articles which are all geared to the outdoorsman.

Let’s begin with a fresh article on hunting where Kyle, the Catchcook.com Primal Provider is flown up to Gauteng to go on a hunting trip as a birthday present for one of his young admirers, we cross pollinate the hunting article with autumn foraging in the Elgin Valley in the Western Cape.

And sticking to the food content we bring you food porn from the United Kingdom where we take you on a short trip with a touch of history through Billingsgate Fish Market.

On the fishing side we have two interesting tackle tests to chat about, one being the Black Hole rods which are being brought into the country by Jigstar Africa and the Mustad Hoodlum 9/0 Triangle Wire hooks which are brought into the country by W E T Sports. We also look at new and innovative companies in South Africa who are breaking into both the retail and wholesale fishing markets.

From the Kwazulu Natal region we have our Stubb Sea monthly report and an interesting article on the yellowtail appearance after 15 years in the Gordon’s Bay area.

As promised, we like to promote top fishing guides along our coasts and in this edition, we bring you a triple whammy as we bring you 3 well known names to this edition, firstly we have Clayton from Reel Angling and Wikus from Triple-M Cape Town fishing, both based in the Western Cape and Shaun May who offers various facets of angling both local and abroad.

As there has been good catches of yellowfin tuna off Cape Point, I have gone with a pan- fried seared tuna recipe called Asian Persuasion to get the taste buds tingling and a sashimi starter.

Keeping it local, the Reel Science Co, will be implementing research in our local MPA where over a period of 8 months 10 anglers will be tagging fish species in the Strand area for ecological monitoring. To all the anglers out there please make a special effort to report all tagged fish that you catch. Also even if the fish succumbs to injuries, it is vital that you forward the tag numbers and measurements to Oceanic Research Institute (ORI) based in Durban: telephone number 0795290711.

Protecting our environment is a key factor in conservation and sustainability so please practice the ethos of limiting your catch, but don’t catch your limit, save our seas and environment for the generations to follow.

Yours in outdoor life.

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Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, … let a man fish? And you go and enjoy a café! 

In the end the truth is that once your angler gets settled in at Leisure Isle you might be left to your own devices. There really is no better place than Leisure Isle for anyone who loves nature and the beauty of quaint little suburbs with tree lined roads. Leisure Isle is the perfect place to hop onto a bike and cruise around. The Steenbok nature reserve is a great place to simply sit and unwind, that is exactly why you’ll find many benches scatted along this reserve.

If you get a little peckish or find yourself parched, pop into Nadine’s Corner (044 384 1746) for a quick snack or drink. Alternatively, you might want to try and convince your fishing focused loved one to take a little break and enjoy the cosy ambiance while savouring one of Nadine’s famous burgers.

A stones throw away you’ll find Bodega café (076 496 1600). Sleek, chic and a perfect place to refuel your body and mind. Grab a table on the veranda and enjoy a coffee and a pastry or two. Their “what what” breakfast will hit all the right spots or maybe a delicious “traveller” is what you’re looking for. One thing is for sure, it’s not only the menu items that funky in this café.

There is definitely more to Leisure Isle than I have covered in this article. Part of the fun is in exploring places and discovering things you did not know were there. No matter when you come to visit , may your lines be tight and your catch be a personal best!