Nghunghwa Lodge

Hidden amongst the dunes of Bilene, lies Nghunghwa Lodge.

Bilene, a beautiful beach village surrounding a magnificently lush lagoon. The tradition of this bountiful country comes alive along the banks of the sea. With local fishermen and children waving you towards the holiday that awaits you. 

This home away from home, captures the spirit of a “Robinson Crusoe” resort with a parade of perfectly placed cabins nestled amongst the trees.These cabins offer an unobtrusive view of the majestic lagoon, that extends the most abundant fish and ocean life that the Southern hemisphere has to offer. The area has a massive fishing and diving culture which allows guests to look beneath the water surface into a whole new landscape of breath-taking reefs. 

The cuisine at the lodge offers local catches cooked in typical Mozambican flavours that make your taste buds sing along to the vibrant music that fills the air. Sit at your table with your feet in the sand and just relax.

Stay 1 Night, get 1 FREE. 2500 MTN pp sharing per night.

Valid till 22 November 2020

It is here where guests have the ability to truly experience Bilene, with facilities to water-ski, Jetski, dive, kayak and deep-sea fishing, the list is endless and really does offer a fun filled holiday for the whole family. Explore the island for yourself with beautiful hiking paths and their very knowledgeable guides that can take you to where the sea meets the lagoon.

Nghungwa is a great way to see and immerse yourself in Bilene, whether you are returning to the lodge after a full day of exploring or if you prefer to sit by one of the beachside pools, you can be guaranteed great services as well as immaculate rooms and aircon – a must have in the height of summer.  

The lodge believes in living amongst nature and using its abundance to make your stay that much more enjoyable, from waking up in the morning and hearing birds sing, to enjoying the vibrant purple sunsets with a cocktail in hand.

Nghungwa welcomes you. 




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