This news ended an emotionally charged week of highs and lows

I have delayed this letter to the final hour and finally on Friday night 05/06/2020 at around 20:00 social media exploded with the news that the opening of recreational angling had finally been gazetted and we could all practice our passion that we had all so sorely missed over the past two months. This news ended an emotionally charged week of highs and lows, with the press release on Monday, then the rumors that because of the judgement that it may not be gazetted.

There was also a lot of unnecessary slating and blame laid by some unscrupulous keyboard warriors on social media, who created one of the ever increasing social media storms that are becoming and indictment of ours times – I hope those who jump on the band wagon have now seen exactly how these things can be blown out of proportion if left unchecked.

As of today, most launch sites have been reopened and most beaches are seeing anglers for the first time, there are some exceptions especially in some of the bigger metros who are still trying to get to grips with controlling this pandemic.

We must understand that now more than ever we as anglers are under scrutiny from the public, who at this stage have no access to the beaches. Already I see numerous posts of congested fishing spots, no social distancing, no masks and piles of litter being left when anglers leave. I would presume if we do not comply, they will simply remove our privileges again. A little courtesy and compliance will surely be required if we want to continue fishing.

On a positive note I have noticed most anglers complying with regulations so good to them, hope fully we will be allowed to fish going forward.

The news for competitive anglers is still not clear and I have feeling we will need to adapt should competitive angling wish to survive going forward.

I think we need to thank all those who have been involved in lobbying for the reopening of our way of life and those who are continuing the good fight on the competitive side.

Going forward our local tackle dealers are in for tough time – disposable income is going to be reduced in many households so the fishing and hunting spends will be reduced across the board. My hope would be that we would all support local businesses to try and rebuild our tackle industry.

Please enjoy and remember – “limit you catch don’t catch your limit”


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