Tying your Bronze Bream bait

You need the right bait to have a successful fishing trip

The humble Bronze Bream – these fish are feeding very well all along the natal coast. 
Look out for working water, with deeper pockets, they love green and red weed, so you’ll nearly always find them nearby a patch of either.
Favourite food: red prawns, pink prawns cracker prawn, chokka blob bait.

What you need:

  • Sharp knife
  • Thin latex bait cotton
  • Toothpick
  • Your trace
  • Red/Pink Prawn


  1. Remove the shell from the prawn and cut your prawn in half lengthways

2. Trim a 1/4 off your toothpick and using your bait cotton, tie the toothpick onto the bottom of your hook shank and securely up your trace line

3. Lie the half prawn up against the toothpick with the fat side towards the hook and the flesh side facing out, and tie in place with your bait cotton, making sure that your hook point remains exposed and proud.

4. Add the other half of the prawn to the opposite side, also with the flesh side outwards and tie in place with your cotton, ensure that the hook point remians open and proud

5. Move your float to just above your bait and secure with the gummy stopper. Double check that your hook is proud, the cast your bait out and go tight.

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