Fisherman’s wife survival guide to Knysna

 Getting hooked on our Town 

 After surviving the Global lockdown and having to deal with all the Covid related stresses, I am sure that many of us breathed a sigh of relief when the National Covid Council announced that leisure travel was once again allowed. If you have ever planned a vacation with your significant angler, you will be familiar with the one question that comes along with every vacation suggestion you have … 

“But can I fish there? …” 

Having planned a few of our own “Angler friendly vacations” I thought that now would be the perfect time to tell you why Knysna should be at the top of your destination list. 

Knysna certainly has a licence to thrill any angler, with an assortment of species and a good choice of fishing and bait collecting spots like; Leisure Isle, Thesen Island Jetty, The White Bridge, Brenton Beach or fishing beyond the Knysna Heads with one of the local Deep Sea Charters like ours (Lucky Bean Charter) Knysna has a great and diverse range of fishing spots to choose from. To get the most out of your vacation, you’d better make sure that everyone has their angling licence with them. But, if by some crazy chance someone forgets to pack it in, or they have just noticed that it’s expired (trust me it happens), a quick pop into the local post office conveniently located on the main road (6 Main Rd) which is also the N2 will have your fishermen sorted out and ready to fish in no time. 

“But can I fish there? …”

By Anique van de Caab (The fisherman’s wife)

As it is with every successful fishing trip, it all starts with ensuring you have the right bait. Although the Knysna Lagoon and Estuary has a great supply and variety of baits, if your anything like my family you might choose to sleep in a bit and miss the tide. So, knowing where to get stocked up on some baits and tackle is a great back up plan.

Thankfully one of the blessings of being in a small town is that things are generally located close to each other and our tackle shops are no exception. This is my guide on how to help both you and the angler in your life get the most out of your visit to Knysna and if you have ever tagged along to go bait and tackle shopping, you may agree that having a lay of the land might come in handy.

BREEZERS FISHING (044 382 6023), can be found on Gray Street in the Graywood Hotel Building. The staff being anglers themselves are friendly and are deeply knowledgeable about the area as well as which baits and rigs works best for which species and fishing spot. Breezers offers a solid selection of fishing related products and we recommend chatting to Poena for expert advice about fishing in Knysna. Currently there are road works underway in Gray street which means that you might need to park your car a little further way from the store, but this is a blessing in disguise. If you find yourself not thrilled at the thought of following your excited angler through the store, you’d be happy to know that just a short walk in either direction of the store will give you a choice of two locally loved eatery’s (Olde’s Pub & Chatters Bistro) where you could enjoy a snack or a drink while you wait. 

GRANTS SPORTS (044 382 5604) is located on Long street at Shop 9 in Woodmill Walk mall. The store has a good variety of sporting clothing, shoes and fishing equipment. If you still find that you are not particularly interested in sticking by your anglers’ side while they carefully inspect each and every fishing product the store has to offer. This would be a great time to stock up on a few essentials at the local PnP and Clicks which are a few meters away. Alternatively, you could get into the shopping spirit at one of the many clothing stores which are all in close proximity to Grants. We recommend chatting to Uncle Peter to get some local tips on which rigs and bait to use. 

SPORTS CULTURE (044 382 6000) in Shop 37B Westend in Knysna Mall is one of the larger shops on this list with four stores in Knysna, Plettenberg bay, George, and Cape Town. The shop has a large selection of sporting, outdoor, hunting and fishing goods. In addition, the store offers a range of Active wear clothing and shoes which includes swimming suits and protective wear. We recommend chatting to Werna, let him know what you are looking to target, and he will get you all set up. A larger store means more time for your angler to shop, so instead of rushing them along (like they do when out shopping with us) just remember that you are on vacation as well and enjoy a cappuccino and pastry at Luna Café or a delicious Gelato or Pizza slice at BASE since both options are just a few steps away. Knysna may be excellent as a fishing destination, thankfully it has a great offering for us fishermen’s wives as well. 

All the Bait and Tackle stores mentioned have their own “Wall of Fame” so remember to get a pic of your significant anglers catch to add to one of them. While I don’t consider myself a female angler at all, over the years I have adopted more of a “if you can’t beat them … join them”” approach when it comes to the special anglers in my life (my partner and son). This has led to many fun adventures and a few “bragging rights” on my part (I am the only one in my family that can successfully collect pencil bait and catch octopus) in the next few articles I’ll be sharing more details on specific fishing and bait collecting spots that will hopefully have you joining in on the fun with your significant angler or at least give you a few options of things to keep you happy and smiling while they are out here having fun catching a fish for the braai! 

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