Offshore fishing in Mossel Bay

Another fantastic day at sea…Life is great!

This was the last chance we had to go fishing before lockdown. Manoli from GoFish Charters in Mossel Bay invited me for a trip fishing in the shallow reefs outside Mossel Bay, as previous trips had produced great catches of good sized Santers (Soldier). I, in turn invited a good friend of mine and avid fisherman, George Knell, his dad and son to join me for what turned out to be an awesome day at sea.

After the safety briefing we couldn’t wait to board Jagermeister and set off on a very calm and flat sea to the reefs opposite Klein Brak, a short 30 minutes away from the harbour. Everybody on board was in high spirits and looking forward to the day’s fishing.

The skipper quickly found a very promising spot on the fish finder, the anchor went overboard and the helpful crew quickly made sure everyone had fishing rods and were baited up. Less than 5 minutes later the first Santer was on board, a nice 1.5 kg fish. This was just the start of the day with plenty of fish in the 2-3kg class being boated on a regular basis.

We moved 3 to 4 times during the morning when fishing started to get slow, and every new spot provided us with ample fish. The smaller fish were all released and we only kept the nice eating ones. As part of the enjoyment we were visited by a school of young hammerheads that swam top water around the boat. The youngsters on board really enjoyed the sight of these strange looking sharks.

At home my wife was all smiles again, she enjoys cooking with freshly caught fish

Stefano Schoonees

After a few hours fishing and a quick tally we realised that we had a full quota of fish on board, and every single angler had a smile on his face. As always, the crew quickly got stuck into cleaning all the fish for us before we headed home where the boat was loaded onto the trailer, fish packed in black bags and we were ready to head home and have fresh fish for supper. A huge thank you to Manoli and the GOFISH crew!!

At home my wife was all smiles again, she enjoys cooking with freshly caught fish and from our time in Struisbaai she came to love Santers. The fish was quickly scaled, filleted and deboned.

  •  In the meantime my assistant (the loving wife) peeled potatoes and cut them into rings, chucked them into an oven pan with a dash or 3 of oil and a sprinkle of salt and popped it into the oven.
  • The fillets were lightly dusted with oil and sprinkled with – guess what? – our favourite Robertson Fish Spice and some ground black pepper. 
  • A pan was put onto a medium heat with Canola/Virgin Olive oil blend and a blob of salted butter. The fish went skin side down for about 10 minutes until nicely browned and then turned over for a quick 3-4 minutes before it was taken out and drained and then onto the plate.
  • With the potatoes nicely browned we added some Robertson Chips and Potato seasoning. 
  • To finish the meal off we cooked corn and peas in lightly salted water for a few minutes and shared a freshly home-grown tomato. 

This superb meal left both of us very happy and full, and by that time my bed was calling me loudly. Another fantastic day at sea…Life is great!

Stefano Schoonees

Primal Provider #114

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