Targeting Kob (Mulloway) in East London

I hope I have given you some good tips, tricks and food for thought for your next fishing trip.

Morning Catch Cook viewers, my name is Adrian Sellers and today we are talking about drop shot fishing – a sport that makes many wonder how you catch a Kob on plastic. Well, it’s not as easy, as it has many aspects involved and we’ll talk about weather conditions, water and temperature.

Our barometer plays a part in the affecting fishing conditions and weather changes, as it really affects a fish’s feeding habits. In low pressure your fish will tend to not feed and in high pressure your fish will tend to feed again.

Let’s talk about rigging up a weed less lure that’s the hook, lure, sinker and leader line. Now a leader of 0.65 is used for your main line then a 1,5oz or 2oz depending on the current, and weather choice for the day. We use a size 6 or 7 hook most of the time depending on size of your lure. A power swivel to your leader line is attached and the knot I use for adding my leader to braid is a PR knot, its extra strong and is long for the amount of casting we put in.

  • Rod: I use is a 1 to 4 oz rod, 11 ft. You can use any make of rod, they are all good, I enjoy the Shimano taipan.
  • Reel: Shimano Saragossa. One of the best reels I have ever used was the 5000.

When we talk about the water here is what’s important – the current, structure and most importantly where we have a gutter. That’s the opening on one end and the exit on the other, as most of the time your fish will hunt in those types of places. When we talk about current your kob is a lazy fish, they do not want to work too hard to hunt their prey. So, they lay near structure in ambush waiting for bait fish to swim past and in that split second, they dart out and grab their prey. Many times, you will hear me say that the lure is swimming nicely which means the current is correct. You don’t want to pull your lure and your rod tip takes strain, if that happens the current is too strong and the Kob will not want to hunt, so you need to move on and find a better place.

When you land a kob there is a place on its mouth where you can hold him if you do not have a good mouth grip. Just below his jaw line it has a long bone that runs along attaching to his gills. It is a nice firm place to hold on to, the kob will not get away and you do not do any damage to him at all. His gills are his life support, so guys do not put your hands in there or gaff him there.

Also, if you can when you have caught a fish, please put it in a pool, try if possible, to find a pool that has the same temp as the sea. The reason for this is that many times in my video’s you will see me checking up on my fish. This is to make sure that they are all fine and that there is still oxygen in the pool. In a warm pool, the fish will be upside down due to the lack of oxygen and secondly, he will take longer in the colder sea to get his body temp back to normal. He will take a while to swim off – if you have ever seen that happening.

Points to remember:

  • Size and bag limit are really important, you need to know this even before you go fishing. One kob per person per day 60 cm in length. You can catch as many as you want but please keep them alive and release them when you are done. Choose the one you want and let the rest go. I have let go of a 15kg fish and its one of the best sites to see guys and girls.

I hope I have given you some good tips, tricks and food for thought for your next fishing trip.

Happy fishing everyone stay safe.

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