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I never knew then that it would become my job to take clients out to catch these fish and let me tell you – I enjoy it every second of it.

My name is Gerhard Groenewald and grew up in the Witsand area, I love fishing and the outdoors. It is a privilege to do fishing charters and trying to make my clients as happy as possible to catch a fish of a life time. I caught my first big kob in the Breede River when I was 7 years old, the kob weighed 26kgs and my weight at that stage was 27kgs. It was then that I was hooked to catch these beautiful fish and never knew then that it would become my job to take clients out to catch these fish and let me tell you – I enjoy it every second of it.

Fishing in the Breede River is not easy, especially for the big kob (mulloway) and that’s why I love catching these beautiful fish. Some days you’ll be waiting the whole day with no bites and other days it just happens and you catch 6 big kob. The weather conditions play a big role in catching these beautiful fish, when it’s not in your favour it can be a long day and you’ll maybe catch one big kob. From my experience at the end if you get that fish, it was totally worth waiting the whole day. You also get days where you hook 2 of these big kob at once, and it can be pretty tricky to land them both. My advice would be to keep calm and just keep watching what the fish do as you can easily land both of them. The most number of big kob I have ever had on my line at once was 3, I was unfortunately unlucky and we only managed to land just the 2. I pulled the one too hard and the hook pulled out of the kob’s mouth.

My biggest kob so far on my charters was 1.78m (61kgs) and let me tell you It wasn’t easy to land this fish as there were 4 boats in the way. When we hooked this kob I could see it was very big as it didn’t want stop taking line. So I quickly released my anchor and decided to drive with the fish and try to navigate the fish between the other boats. After a 45min fight we managed to land this big kob at the last boat, I knew that it was definitely a 100lb fish but I didn’t expect to be 1.78m.  After a couple of quick photos we released the beast back in the river to hopefully grow bigger and have a chance to reproduce again.

One of the biggest rules on my boat is any kob over 1 meter I released, I really want to see my kids one day also catching these beautiful fish.  So when handling these fish I try my best to keep them safe as possible to make sure they swim strong when I release them. I prefer to use a sling to catch the kob where it will be in the water the whole time so we can take photos. If I see that the fish is very tired, I will release the fish in the shallow waters on the banks of the river. The best feeling for me as a fishing charter operator at the Breede River is to see my clients smile after catching such a beautiful fish. My favourite part is when I see such a big fish swim away and know that it has a chance to reproduce again.

Baits used for kob are mullets, tjokka, sardine and octopus. Other fish species you can catch in the Breede River are grunter and garrick, that are fun to catch on very light tackle. You can also catch these fish on artificial as it’s a lot of fun, but it isn’t easy and anything on top water lures is exciting to watch. I mainly use bloodworm, pencilbait, pink prawn and mud prawn to catch grunter however it is dependent on the location and lastly, for garrick I use mostly mullets.

So please guys, fishing for the future and start to release these beautiful fish. If you don’t know how to release big kob give me a call or WhatsApp me, I will gladly assist you and help where I can.

If you want to book a trip with Mulloway Charters please contact me on 0825216768 or WhatsApp me or pop me an email

Thanks Fishman Tackle for sponsoring me, you can definitely try the new hearty rise range rods – very good and light rods.

Tackle I used is from the new hearty rise blackforce range rods:

  • Shimano sarogosa 6000/Penn spinfisher 4500 (kob)
  • Penn spinfisher 3500 (grunter/garrick)
  • Hearty rise monsterbraid 50 pound/30 pound JDB Ultra tough Braid (kob)
  • Hearty rise monsterbraid 20 pound (grunter/garrick)
  • 10/0 trident kobu circle hooks (kob)

All my tackle I bought through Big Catch in Cape Town.

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