Gotta love Struisbaai

and the names the locals give fish . . . . . . . . .


I went deep sea fishing the other day, it’s very different to rock and surf fishing and what a peach of a morning it was.  As you can see in the picture above, all the local boats (Chuckies) are out for the catch of the day. Their day starts at 4:30 most mornings and they launch from the Struisbaai Harbor just left of the Catch Cook Restaurant.

It’s a community of fishermen on the horizon most mornings. In Struisbaai the fishermen tend to use handline more often than a rod. Having said that there are rods on board for trawling lures, as we did to catch a Bonnie. This Bonnie was used as fresh bait and proved very successful in catching yellowtail, octopus, red stumpnose and roman. Birds play a key role when you’re looking for live bait because where there are birds actively eating, there you will find live bait feeding – it’s a feeding frenzy.

Fish generally taken with on a boat will be IQFSardines and chokka (squid) cleaned and cut into strips. Every trip to sea for me is a learning experience, from the fish species, time of year and fishing in different weather conditions.


This fish is called the Red Stumpnose or Chrysoblephus Gibbiceps, however here in Struisbaai it is called Buster-maid. The Red Stumpnose is native to South Africa and they have steep foreheads and as they get older their foreheads become more pronounced especially in the males. They may only be caught once they have reached a length over 30cm and an angler may only catch one per person per day.

What a great day at sea  . . . . .  
We had the Red Stumpnose on the braai (barbie), little salt, pepper and fresh lemon.

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