Scratching for Edibles in Mossel Bay

Targeting edible species off the rocky beaches along the Mossel Bay coastline is probably one of the most exciting ways to fish for the various species that grace our shoreline. We are privileged to fish this area due to the abundance of species that we target while fishing from the bricks (rocks), and one will never know which species will grab your bait and give you a run for your money before you are able to land them.

Fishing this area for edibles, are what dreams are made of, and with the abundance of species I like to use a variation of tackle and baits. Firstly, when I am targeting edibles from the bricks, my weapon of choice in the Blue Marlin Paragon rod, paired with a Penn 7500 Slammer, 40lb braid with a 1mil nylon leader to a three-way swivel. From the three-way swivel I then attach a t attention 0.75 hook trace and a 0.60mm sinker trace that is longer than the hook trace, regarding the hook trace, always use a pop-up float to keep your bait out of the rocks, as this will also attract attention to the bait by curious species. When it comes to the hook sizes there are various brands that one can use, however I feel more comfortable using a smaller size hook that is strong enough to handle bigger fish, anywhere between a 2/0 – 4/0.

When targeting edible species there is a variation of baits that I prefer to use on the bricks, redbait, which can be cut from the rocks or picked up from the shoreline, fresh chokka (squid), octopus, sardines, mackerel, but my favorite bait is fresh prawn (pink prawn or cracker prawn which is collected on the low tide by using a prawn pump. There are various species that we target off the bricks using the above-mentioned setup, firstly the Red Roman, this species will eat anything, the white mussel cracker, galjoen (national fish), black mussel cracker as well as the rock cod will not leave a smelly piece of red bait or fresh prawn alone. When fishing this area please remember to fish sustainably and once you done fishing remember to clean up and dump all plastic material in a bin.

Finally, Angola has opened its borders up, and we will be hosting fishing tours to that area, please feel free to contact me to reserve a place in the upcoming guided tour.
Shawn May
074 314 6651

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