Prohunter Mafia SW5000HG and SW7000HG Tackle test

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I had the privilege of testing each of these reels and paired the SW7000HG on my 13″ Assassin Bluefish and the SW5000HG on my 10″ Okuma Caspian.

The Bodies of the reels are very similar in size whilst the spools are different for line capacity and drag –  the gear ratios are 5.8:1

The Drag on these reels are incredibly strong and one never really has to lock it to stop bigger fish as the Mafia SW5000HG has a 15kg drag and the SW7000HG has a 20kg drag.

Both these reels come out with 13 Stainless steel sealed ball bearings and an power handle and knob.

Enough about the reel and its internals, I have tested both these reels over the last few months in extreme conditions and areas and have not had one problem and caught numerous fish on them , I even dunked the one reel in freshwater for 2 days after it was fully submerged for a few minutes in saltwater and when opened there was not a drop of water inside .

These reels are not on the market as yet but should be in the near future. Thank you Prohunter SA for letting me test them and WET Sports for the sponsorship.

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