Match the hatch - Make the Bait

Fishing for dreams in Salty Streams.

I don’t think I will ever really know, exactly what my calling is to the ocean, for as long as I can remember my life has been in beautiful unison with the big blue. Maybe it’s just the way life works out sometimes… Discovering one of the last remaining, FIRE, estuaries near Durban in KZN, a short five minute drive from my new neighbourhood. Finding her was sheer luck, I didn’t even know there was an accessible beach down that road but I drove down anyway. I will never forget that alluring sight, that late afternoon sunlight basking on her Blue/Green beauty.

I had no idea what I was doing, absolutely no idea, I’d caught a bass or two by now, can’t be that hard right? Walking along the banks, tide had turned, a light afternoon easterly blowing ever so gently.I wasn’t sure what they were in the beginning, but as soon as I reached the first drop off, I had seen a massive bust up! Tiny baitfish glassies, scattering the surface of the water, in a frugal attempt to escape whatever predator was chasing them. This river became the pool in which I tested each of my prototypes in the months to follow, a tough fishing, body of water, that will break even the most experienced anglers – a body of water teeming with predators.

Six months later with no fish on the board, having foul hooked a few glassies by now and a crude basic understanding of resin lure crafting, the Passion Sprat was born. A small heavy sprat lure modelled from a commercial lure that was too light for my bait caster setup. I will NEVER EVER forget that rush, the sudden jolt of electricity as that fish ate my crude little fishing lure, seconds within landing on the water and having arrived at the spot. This will always be my benchmark memory of the sprat.

So begins my journey of Life, Love, Friendship and Fishing lures.

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