I seriously thought we would be back to fishing by now

When I was writing last month’s, Editor’s Note I seriously thought we would be back to fishing by now. This pandemic has turned the world on its head. As outdoors enthusiasts all of us are itching to get out and fish, hunt or forage. For now, we are confined to quarters, not knowing what decisions are going to be made on the future of our various facets.

The tackle and hunting  industry and related  businesses have taken a huge knock and it highly likely many will have to close doors, with many job losses when this is all over. Obviously this is true for many SME’s and micro enterprises but because angling and hunting is our realm we all have a vested intertest and feel for all the players that have been affected.

Not wanting to go into the merits of decisions made we would like to commend SACRAA and SASACC for well-presented submissions to government in the effort to get tackle stores trading and anglers back on the water for now this looks a way away.

Being able to put some fresh fish on the table in these difficult times is going to become more and more of a necessity as the lockdown continues. As the noose tightens and more people start feeling pinch, the ability to provide a healthy fresh meal even once a week will make a real difference.

As “Catch Cookers“ we all supplement our food supply with the bounty of our chosen facet, although not always out of necessity, it is often to be able to eat fresh organic protein free of all the worldly poisons. We have run out of fresh fish over this time and cannot wait to be able to provide again.

On a lighter note, Catch Cook has broken forty thousand subscribers on YouTube – this is fantastic growth, a big shout out to you all, hope we have kept you entertained over this period.

For now, let us stay at home, be safe, mask up and flatten the curve and remember that when we can get back on the water – “Limit your catch don’t catch your limit”

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