Mosselbay's black stingray

Black stingray / Short-tail stingray / Dasyatis brevicaudata

The short-tail stingray or smooth stingray (Bathytoshia brevicaudata) is a common species of stingray in the family of Dasyatidae.

It occurs off Southern Africa typically at an off-shore depth of 180-480 m and off Australia and New Zealand, from the intertidal zone to a depth of 156 meters. It is mostly bottom-dwelling in nature and can be found across a range of habitats from estuaries and reefs, but will also frequently swim into open water.

The largest stingray in the world, this heavy-bodied species can grow up to upwards of 2.1m across and 350 kilo in weight The diet of this species consists of invertebrates and bony fishes.

This species of ray tends to remain within a relatively limited area throughout the year, preferring deeper waters during the winter and is not known to perform long migrations The short stingray is not aggressive but is capable of inflicting a lethal wound with its long venomous sting.

This species of fish are targeted by the recreational and competitive angler due to the fact of their sheer size and power, and catching one of these beasts over the 200kilo mark is any anglers bucket list catch.

Fished recreationally within its range, the short-tailed Stingray is considered a game fish and does not qualify for critically endangered, vulnerable or near-threatened species.

These black rays love the colder water of Mosselbay, and the peak season for targeting these black beasts are from March through to October. Recently Shawn Mey targeted these species and was able to land a monster of 343kg on a mackerel bomb bait.

Shawns baits of choice to target these beasts are mainly oily fish like mackerel, yellowtail and bonitos but he also recommends that you have a second rod in the water with either a big squid or an octopus as bait.

Heavy setups are used to catch these beasts and the tackle that is used is as follows :

0.80mm mainline with 2mm leader line, 400lb steel trace and a 20/0 circle hook as well as the heavy gear on the front end to be able to safely land and handle these beasts.

If you are keen to test your power and fishing skills against these monsters, feel free to contact Shawn Mey via

  • Bookings at 0743146651

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