From finance to a Fishing YouTuber

I started my channel because I could never really find videos I can relate to, proper local South African rock and surf fishing videos

Who is Xander de Beer? Tell us about yourself.

I’m 34 years old I enjoy spending time with my wife and kids. When I can spend my time with the wife and kids next to the ocean, well that’s even better. I’m just an average oke with an above average passion for fishing and the ocean.

What’s a day in your life look like?

Well, how my normal day looks all depends on the fishing conditions. If I am not fishing and filming, I am either preparing for a fishing trip or I am editing a fishing video. My days are hectic and really busy, most days I have to get up really early to do my admin and respond to social media and emails at 3 or 4 am in the morning. But like I said my day and week is planned around fishing conditions, most times I am under pressure and pressed for time to get videos edited and uploaded before I can fish so I either need to edit till really late at night or get up really early to get everything done.

Do you have a favourite place that you’ve ever fished?

I don’t know what my favourite place is, but it is a close call between Still Bay and Struisbaai, I would most probably go with Still Bay because of the diversity it offers.

What’s one thing you wouldn’t hit the water without?

Too many rods, haha! I always take too many rods when I go fishing, I want to be able to have my options open and have the right rod for the occasion.

When did your Youtube fishing journey begin?

I started my YouTube channel in 2018. Like a lot of fishing enthusiasts, I was constantly on YouTube watching fishing videos, but I could never really find videos I can relate to, proper local South African rock and surf fishing videos. So it inspired me to create my channel, surely if I felt like that, there would be other South African anglers out there that felt the same. I love to help fellow anglers, so YouTube was a great platform, not only to share my experiences but knowledge as well.

When you’re making a video, what’s your process look like? Are you going off a script or pretty much free styling?

I basically just wing it, in one video I said that nature is my director, so scripts are out of the picture. I like to show the viewers how my day went so that is how the video would flow, just like the day went – no false pretense, no acting, and so scripted scenes. When it comes to the editing, I know what I want from the video, I will adapt the feel of the video to suit the day. Either excited, action-packed or slow and disappointing (like a lot of fishing days can be), I want to show the viewers that as well because no angler catches fish every single time he goes fishing.

Do you have any tips for young YouTube fishing enthusiasts looking to explore YouTube?

Just get started, you don’t need fancy cameras or editing programs, just get started, work with what you have, but most importantly enjoy it. Then once you start keep at it and always strive to improve, improving fishing skills and editing skills. Stay humble and be willing to share knowledge. Be willing to work hard, there is a lot that happens off-camera that not everyone realizes, there is way more happening behind the scenes than people think…that 10 – 20 minute video is hours, days, sometimes weeks of hard work.

How do you get to do what you do?

I had to quit my job in the financial industry, to follow my heart and passion. Most people say we only live once, that’s nonsense you live every day, you only die once! So, while I am alive, I want to make the most of it and do what I love! Once you have decided you want to follow your passion it just happens!

As someone that’s worked in the financial services industry, how could you compare working in the financial services to being a fishing guide?

Well, both industries have their stresses, but I will take the stresses of guiding every day over the corporate world with its targets, budgets and excel spreadsheets.

How do you manage fishing time and family time?

I try to involve my family with my fishing over weekends but I do get the opportunity to fish during the week and that is basically my working hours so most weekends are my family time, if I am not fishing a league on Saturday, I will have a day next to the water with the whole family if the weather is suitable, otherwise we will have a chilled day at home. Sundays are a family day doesn’t matter how the weather is. Closest we will get to fishing on a Sunday is having a braai next to the river or sea and my son will fish while we braai.

To end, give us a few words of your fishing wisdom

Respect the ocean and the fish conserve and protect. Never think you know everything, be willing to learn! You are never too old or too wise to learn. So be teachable! Don’t be afraid to experiment and be innovative. You learn great things by experimenting. Learn from others and adapt what you learn to suit your fishing style if needed.

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