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Welcome back to our June Edition of Catchcook.com, in this edition we bring you a host of interesting articles whereby we feature articles on off-shore and rock and surf angling as well as a look at the Sardine Run and a funky fungi biltong recipe.

We also go abroad where we look at exotic destinations outside of our borders, where we explore Bolivia and chase tigers in Mozambique.

On the off-shore side of our content we give you an insight into the new facet of slow jigging for yellowtail at St Francis Bay as well as a land-based slow jigging tutorial from the Cape.

To compliment our slow jigging article, we look at tackling unfished rivers with bucktail jigs from the Dirty Prawn.

On the rock and surf side we take a look at angling from the Gordons Bay Mountain, the black ray and focus on the white steenbras which is now under pressure as their numbers are dwindling due to overfishing and seine netting.

An interesting article that will grab your attention, Fishing with Kids has to be one of the purist moments you can share with your child and introduce them to the ocean.

From finance to You Tube, we chat to one of South Africa’s top YouTubers Xander de Beer and discuss with him his transition from finance to YouTube.

If you are an avid hunter living in the Western Cape and not keen on driving long distances to put some meat on the slab then consider Hartebeest Kraal 1.5 hour drive from Cape Town for your next hunt.

With the Sardine Run taking place in KwaZulu Natal, Dean Pretorius, well known angler and TV personality explains that so far it has been a roller coaster ride of emotions so far for the 2021 Sardine Run. On the 31st of May the silver fish hit Port Edward with the first nets going for R1500.00 per basket and with reports of huge shoals still to come.

Enter mother nature with a massive front and flood rains in excess of 200mm in two days leaving the seas chocolate brown and little to no prospects of a run, but as one learns over the past years – make sardine predictions at your own peril – within a week the seas have cleaned up and a recent flight by the Sharks Board confirms a huge shoal still present in the Transkei – so without predicting anything we have hope that this run could still be one the best    

Quote of the month – If I fished only to capture fish, my fishing trips would have ended long ago – so limit your catch, don’t catch your limit.

Yours in outdoor life

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