Fishing for wheelchair users

A theraputic lifestyle and medium for the disabled in wheelchairs.

The health benefits of fishing are widely touted. The sport enables socialization with friends and family and encourages physical activity and gets people out into the fresh air and sunshine.

Fishing is also a relaxing sport that takes the angler to some of the most beautiful and serene spots in South Africa from the West Coast to the warm waters of KwaZulu-Natal. Some experts recommend fishing to the disabled as a form of therapy but also as a method of gaining more independence and building up one’s confidence.

Therapists utilize a lot of techniques and games to help their patients regain their motor skills, however fishing is a real-life way for the disabled to put our lessons to use as hand eye coordination is practiced when casting a line for reeling in a fish. Advanced tasks like baiting a hook, tying of leader-lines to braid and tying of hooks will be useful to improve our skills. If you have spent time holding a rod and reel you will understand the patience.

Few sports like fishing require people’s to sit and wait for that bite that is needed in fishing. The patience becomes relaxing with a meditative feel as we wait in anticipation for the fish to bite.  Participating in fishing can also lead to a personal achievement as we can take part in a sport whereby we are able to learn a new skill and even more pride when we are able to land our first catch unassisted. Every goal met along the way is an encouragement to try other new things and to set up more advanced goals to achieved.

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