Braaied White Stumpnose

Simple and delicious recipe.

Ingredients :

  • Olive & Rosemary spice (Ina paarman)
  • Lemon Pepper (Ina Paarman)
  • Fish spice (Robertsons or Ina Paarman)
  • Butter


  • Scale and gut the fish, leave the head on.
  • Take a sharp knife and make slits into the body of the fish on both sides.
  • Take above mentioned spices and sprinkle on both sides of the fish as well as in the stomach cavity.
  • On a medium heat place the fish onto a braai grid over the fire.
  • Melt your butter.
  • Once the fish starts to sizzle and skin starts to crisp baist fish with butter, repeat on the other side, do this a few times so that the fish remains moist, as it is a white stumpnose that is being braaied.

NOTE: Take note that it is a bony fish and should be on the coal for a maximum of 8-10 minutes on each side.

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