Black Musselcracker at Mossel Bay

And just like that another lover of deep sea fishing was born.

Lockdown has been going on for a while now and with the holidays on hand we have not been to sea for almost 2 months. Then we got the call from Manoli at GoFish Charters in Mossel Bay – “Uncle Stef, we have space on Thursday for you and your son.” Due to curfew we could only leave Sedgefield at 5am and I must admit, I did not completely keep to the speed limit 🙂 to get to the harbour launch site before 6am.

On time, we launched at 6am and the sea had a bit of a chop from the previous 2 days of wind, but as the day progressed the sea flattened out nicely and the weather was superb. A typical January summers day. We were 3 Father/Son combos on board. My friend took his 13 year old son out to sea for his very first deep sea fishing trip, and I was lucky to have my son with me as well for another trip, the 4th one we could fish together these past 12 months. It made me realise again that no matter how tough things are with this virus, and the chaos it has caused, that there are certain things we can do that would not be possible under normal circumstances. My son would be in Cape Town working and we would have missed out on spending this quality time together, yet now we are on a boat enjoying a stunning day fishing.

One thing I have learned over the past few years fishing the Mossel Bay waters is that you need a captain and crew that knows the spots and are not afraid to work to get to the fish. Manoli has a great work ethic instilled within all his crew – the clients must get fish!! Our first 3 anchors produced quite a lot of Santes but unfortunately most had to be returned as they were undersized. We did lose a lovely 4kg Miss Lucy as we were about to lift it into the boat though. That gave us hope that the bigger fish were out there and all we just had to so was find them.

Our very next anchor was dropped closer inshore and started to produce almost immediately. Almost immediately we had a few nice sized Santers on board. The skipper hooked into a nice fighting fish, where everyone onboard intensely watched and he managed to land a 6kg Red Steenbras – which he promptly handed over to the angler that lost his Miss Lucy earlier.

We made another 4 anchors over the next 3 hours and in between some small fish, a few barbel and small sharks we managed another Miss Lucy, a few Red Romans, size Santers and then the nice catch of the day….a 6.25 kg Black Musselcracker. After 8 hours at sea we were back in the harbour, a bit sunburned and tired but happy with smiles all around. Our youngster out fished his dad on the Santers and did not get sea sick! and just like that another lover of deep sea fishing was born.

Advice for. my anglers: Head over to Viking Fish Shop to have your fish cleaned and filleted for a nominal fee.

Primal Provider Stefano

For a few of the anglers, my advice would be to head over to Viking Fish Shop to have your fish cleaned and filleted for a nominal fee. We sat at the restaurant for a well-deserved coffee while waiting for our fish, and then headed home to a eagerly waiting family for a fresh fish supper.

We decided to keep it simple and easy when it came to supper. Chips and peas/corn as a side dish with the succulent Poensie as the mains. You don’t want to spice this fish too heavily as it has a lovely texture and almost imperceptible taste of its own. We mixed flour and spices and then added the same spices to the fleshy side of the fish. This time around we went with another favourite – Walker Bay Lemon Pepper and also the Walker Bay Fish Spice.

We heated some oil in the electric frying pan, coated the fish with the flour and place it skin down with the heat set at a medium 7/10, the closed the lid and gave it 10 minutes to cook skin side. A Black Musselcracker, like Yellowtail and  Sea Bass, has some nice fat between the skin and flesh, and we want to cook this through. When we turned the fish over for 5 more minutes to brown the fleshy side we could see that the skin was nice and crispy. This is a delicacy to eat.

Smiling faces all around the table as we dished and ate. One fillet was enough for all 4 of us with a generous helping each. Another great day at sea with and a story and videos for our favourite fishing site



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