Back a buddy in a wheelchair

So to all you die hard anglers out there, back a buddy in a wheelchair so that we can enjoy the sport we love  

Because we are disabled and in a wheelchair, don’t see us as outcasts, in hindsight look at us as normal people, don’t be prejudice towards us due to the fact that we sit in a wheelchair, many of us fisherman used to be able bodied anglers, but due to certain adversaries in life this is our predicament.

We as individuals who have saltwater flowing through our veins would like to be part of a fishing culture, that enjoys the call of the oceans, to see and hear the waves crashing along our shorelines, to be able to wet a line and do battle with whatever is at the end of the line.

So to our fellow able bodied anglers, if you have a buddy who is in a wheelchair, consider taking us wheelchair bound anglers fishing with you especially where fishing is accessible, such as places like Veldrift on the West Coast, where we can target species such as shad, garrick, kob, white steenbras and white stump-nose, harbour walls such as Kalk bay, where we can target squid in season, Gordons Bay harbour’s and as far as Hermanus.

I would even recommend beaches such as Maccassar which have areas, which are accessible to  4 x 4 vehicles and SUV’s, here you would be able to cast a line out for us or alternatively drop a bait behind the back-line if you have a drone and lastly picturesque places like the Breede River to the east of False Bay, where species such as white steenbras, kob, grunter, shad and Garrick can be targeted from the side.

Being disabled we would also like to socially integrate with non-disabled anglers, so that we who have disabilities can enjoy the sport of fishing, may it be land based or saltwater angling.

Disabilities have no right to make us spectators, so to all you die hard anglers out there, back a buddy in a wheelchair so that we can enjoy the sport we love.

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