A great way to learn to fish!

I have noticed a need among False Bay anglers for more information on the False Bay coast specifically. Now, as we all know, False Bay is one of the most difficult stretches to fish along our entire coastline!  Yet, it can be extremely rewarding if you learn some of its finer secrets!

And that is how “Rademeyer Fishing” started!

My concept is simple.

The angler or group of anglers will pick a date and time that they would like to mission, and I will join them for a 4-hour tutoring session!

Now, the difference herein lies that the anglers will be using their own fishing tackle, and will be shown how to get the maximum results with what they are currently using.

Sometimes all a man needs is confidence, and I will help you build on that.

This session will include the following:

In-depth water reading discussion – Ever wonder why the guy next to you is catching and you arent?

Bait presentations – The difference between success and failure.

Rigs and traces for various species – Nominate your target species, and I will have rigs and traces ready for you.

Target species for the day – Why will we fish for Kob today, and what conditions will we be looking for.

Casting clinic – Everybody wants to add another 20 meters to their cast. Small tweaks can make a big difference!

I will have my fishing tackle available to anyone who would need a rod or reel to fish with, or even if you would like to try out fishing for the first time.

I will also be doing 2 and 3-day tours in and around Cape Town and The Overberg, so feel free to enquire about that.

It’s simple really, learn the basics well, and your success rate will increase. There are no shortcuts in Fishing.

Pop me a WhatsApp on 0844711615 or an email me @ to discuss time slots available.

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