Drone fishing in False Bay and cooking the bait [Catch Cook] South Africa

Primal Provider #157, Anand, takes us to two Bronze Whaler Shark targeting spots in and around Cape Town.

Zero wastage, Leftover bait for dinner | Shore Angling, South Africa [CATCH COOK]

CatchCook.com is a movement that promotes and rewards a primitive lifestyle where we take responsibility for what we put into our bodies, over unhealthy and unconscious consumerism.

Exciting shark fishing rewarded with yellowtail cook, catch cook, Strandfontein, RSA

Primal Provider #157, Anand, shares the experience of catching a ragged-tooth shark with his new friend from KZN, Yashen, and then later, Yashveer shares with us his amazing tikka fish roti recipe.

Undersized catch? Cook your bait! Squid spring rolls - Durban, SA

Primal Provider #131, Ray, makes a shocking discovery on the rocks and later shows us how to make delicious spring rolls with his unused bait.

Diamond ray caught in the surf & masala fish [catch cook] South Africa

Primal Provider #157, Anand, heads to his old home town of Tugela in KZN with his buddy Sumeer, targeting big sharks and rays.