The winner of our R10 000 best CatchCook video: Duane Robert – tells his fishing story! 

There’s nothing like Durban winters. Gearing up in the morning, not a breath of wind and already starting to sweat. Racing down to Umhlanga, Eastmoore parking lot. Waves are looking good… small but consistent.

Launching was fun to say the least, didn’t quite time it to perfection, but some days you just have to punch a few waves. Drifting behind the backline the rods come out – Sabiki jigs on. First things first: find live bait.

I was only about 150m out when I found a current line that gifted me with two mozzies, Horse mackerel or Trachurus trachurus. 5/0 Tuna Mustad circle behind the head and out went the mozzie, one short, 10m out, the other long, 30m out. Following the current line, minutes later something hits the “short” mozzie on the right. Daiwa Saltists 40 screams off and then silence…bait gone. I start circling back to the area where I just got the bite and bang! The “long” rod behind me screams off like music to my ears, you have to love the bend in that Assassin Sereola.

"I couldn’t believe my luck! Within the first 20 min out, I was on. What made it more unreal was the guys that had fished that morning said it was very quiet and no fish came out on or around the wreck."

Duane Robert

It wasn’t long before I had a number plate, just what I was looking for… Yellow Fin Tuna Baby! Circle hook in the corner of the mouth with my 50 lb fluorocarbon leader, free of chafe and ready for round two.

It’s always fun gaffing a fish on a ski! You never know how it’s going to go. You’re just hoping the fish is as tired as you are at this point.

This is where the balancing act begins.

After loading my prize Tuna, I packed my things up and headed back to the beach; an easy surf through the waves and back on dry land.

"I couldn’t believe that my search for dinner took only 30min… there’s nothing like Durban winters."

Duane Robert

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