Winch Braid

The WINCH story is almost like a real fisherman’s story – the only difference is that we don’t let the fish get away!

WINCH story is almost like a real fisherman’s story – only difference is we dont let the fish get away!

I am a rock and surf angler, representing my province at many SA champs and representing my country at the Gus Kohlner meet in Namibia. The price of a good braid is high and I started researching and considering other options that I did not have to reach so deep into my pocket.

At first I wanted to do it as a hobby and just supply my friends with an affordable option. The name WINCH came about from the saying ‘winch that fish in!’ In Jan 2019, after very good reviews from every one that used the braid, we decided to broaden our market and started  advertising and appointed a few ambassadors. 

Our goal is to provide personalised service, a good abrasive braid, excellent quality that states the correct diameters and strengths at affordable prices. We are serious about quality and do random strength tests on all new shipments that arrive.

Ever since we’ve founded our business in 2018, we had one goal in mind: ensuring a variety of braids that fit any budget. We also research into every request for new products and listen to our customer needs. 

We like to get feedback from the anglers – and investigate all complaints, which have been few and far between. We smile with pride every time someone is excited about the product and leaves satisfied. When we receive the PROUD photos of catches and fishermen, it means we’ve done our job right.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our business!

Andre Mellet 0823347435.  /    Website:

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