The art of lure making

Fish with Passion – The Passion burns bone deep

I have some deeply ingrained childhood memories of being dragged out of bed by my father before the sun was high. Bitter cold mornings, fueled by the exciting prospect of catching a fish. Having spent, at least, 60% of my childhood with a rod in my hand or surfing the crystal-clear waters of the Southern coast of Kwazulu-Natal, my love for the ocean has never left.

Rediscovering my Passion some 14 years later, started with an oddly satisfying dream wherein I was trying to unsnag, a jointed, Black and silver Rapala from a tree trying to catch a bass. The following morning I went straight onto gumtree and found a Berkley Cherry wood with a baitcaster for sale. And So began my lure crafting journey!

I bought an entire box of lures and lost 50% of them on my first few attempts at trying to learn how to cast with a baitcaster! (Rough start). In an attempt to appease my ex-partners disgust at the price of fishing lures, I started making them myself. Albeit the very first design, was carved with her beloved steak knife, luckily she didn’t stab me, Ha-Ha. It actually had some sort of action too. Crudely foiled with the inners of a simba chip packet.

2.5 years later, I’ve designed and developed an entire range of baits for ultra light saltwater angling (throw them in fresh water too!) having bagged a collective total of 39 species on my somewhat infamous Passion Sprat design to date (we need a trout!!!)

I’ve just started a new adventure with Land-Based game fishing, designing baits specific to requirements to land new species!

I’ve started off with a cracker first season for Garrick landing 6 and counting!!! Can’t believe the power of these creatures…

Join me on my journey!

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