Spearfishing in pristine Mozambique!

This was all I had been waiting for!

After a long drive and a rough boat trip, we had finally arrived on Inhaca Island! Welcomed by the lush vegetation, blue water and teaming wildlife. After an incredible ocean view sunset, we packed all our gear and were in bed early as ever, ready to hit the water in the morning. I couldn’t sleep with all my excitement.

Finally, the morning came, along with disappointment of very cloudy skies… (weather forecasts can be very inaccurate in places such as Mozambique). Nevertheless, our spirit remained high and we set off to one of the most incredible little shipwrecks.

It wasn’t long until more disappointment came when we realized the water had low visibility. We tend not to dive in murky water as this is when bull sharks or “Zambezi’s” like to hunt, and you will only realize a shark has its sights on you when the shark is just meters away. On the other hand, murky water means you can get closer to fish. Being as eager as we were, we dived into the unknown

We managed to get some glances at the wreck but very few fish were detectable. Luckily no sharks were either!


After 2 hours of diving we were feeling defeated. My dad stuck up his head from the eerie water and asked what I thought – if we should hop in the boat and head off or plunge the depths more. “A little bit longer!”, I pleaded.

For what seemed to be the last dive down to the wreck, my dad finally spotted a shoal of fish coming towards him. The shoal veered off into another direction but incredibly a beautiful red snapper presented itself from underneath the shoal.

Bang! He took the shot. I was anxiously waiting to see some flashes from above amongst the dark grey water for some indication that the fish had been shot. And there it was! He had landed a perfect shot! He rose from the depths a triumphant Primal Provider. I was just as ecstatic as he was.

After relishing at our beautiful, ready-to-cook meal we returned to our beautiful abode, Mamas Lodge. Now it was time to let my dad work his magic and cook our fish!

Scaled and gutted the snapper was ready for the oven, 30 minutes seemed a decade as I fantasized that first bite. Atop a bed of rice, accompanied by a tantalizing Asian sauce and basting for the fish, made from scratch by the chef, the snapper was ready!

It just doesn’t get better than eating a fish that was caught on the same day!

Remember! even though we didn’t see many fish and shot even less, it was the experience that keeps us Primal Providers doing what we do. Being in memorable places, doing remarkable things to catch a delicious meal to share with friends and family is what it’s all about. Always limit your catch, don’t catch your limit and be ethical!

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